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The Essential Parts of the HVAC System and How They Keep You Comfy

When it comes to your comfort, you can't know too much about the parts of the HVAC system in your Baltimore home. If each of the components listed below is functioning properly, the system as a whole is more efficient, increasing comfort and using less...

Tips for Taking Care of Your Home’s Oil Storage Tank

Oil furnaces have proven themselves as a highly reliable way of keeping your Hagerstown home warm, even under the harshest winter conditions. Unlike gas-fired furnaces, an oil-fired furnace relies on its storage tank to provide the fuel oil necessary for operation....

Boiler Troubleshooting 101: A Homeowner’s Guide

Mid-Atlantic homes that use radiant heat rely on a continuous supply of hot water to provide comfort and safety when weather turns frigid. Boiler malfunctions are a major inconvenience that can make a home an icebox until the problem is fixed. Because of high pressure...

5 Ways to Inadvertently Void an HVAC Warranty in the New Year

Happy New Year! Let’s kick 2015 off the right way by looking at how you can protect your HVAC warranty from being voided. An HVAC system is not only a big financial investment, but it also holds the key to your family's year-round comfort and...

Which is the Best Heat Pump Option for You?

Using a heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient ways to stay comfortable in the Baltimore and Frederick areas’ often-unpredictable weather. The multiple heat pump options available make it easier to find a system that meets your needs, but before you...

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