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When your Baltimore, Maryland, home loses power, you can endure both financial losses from tossing out ruined food and discomfort as your home’s HVAC system and electricity fail to provide you with modern conveniences. A generator can help you prevent those problems. A home stand-by generator can make it especially convenient by automating the process of turning that generator on when an emergency arises. Instead of fumbling in the dark to hook a standard generator up, you’ll enjoy a stand-by generator that is already hooked up and ready to go.

Keep these five things in mind when choosing the home stand-by generator that is best for you.

What Size Do You Need?

Your home’s size and the amount of energy you need to meet your needs will affect your choice of stand-by generator. For a larger home to have full electric power, for example, you’ll need a larger generator than you would for a smaller home. Or perhaps you’re planning to use generator power only for specific areas or systems, such as refrigeration or home security.

You can weigh the costs and benefits of a whole home generator versus a generator that is limited to covering just certain critical operations. Your HVAC system and the role it plays in home comfort comes into the cost-benefit analysis for many families.

Do You Prefer Natural Gas or Propane?

You can pick between gas and propane to fuel your home’s stand-by generator. If you expect outages once every couple of years, you might choose propane as a longer-lasting source, since gas only lasts a year. However, if you know your home is storm-prone and you lose power a couple of times a year, you might choose a gas generator, since natural gas is less expensive than propane, albeit not quite as easy on the environment.

Will You Benefit From Automation?

For many families, setting up a little-used generator during a storm is a hectic activity that involves some risk. For example, setting up an old-style generator incorrectly, without proper positioning or ventilation, could result in a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. Having to set up a generator that’s not on stand-by means recalling steps that are not part of your normal daily routine, so it’s a process prone to mistakes. That is even truer in high-stress, lower-visibility situations, such as when bad weather has caused an outage.

If you have any doubt about whether you could set up a traditional generator yourself safely and without stress, the convenient automation of a home stand-by generator, which turns on as soon as a power outage occurs, might be a significant benefit for you.

Do You Have Home Medical Equipment?

Today, many seniors rely on home medical equipment to convey vital signs to home health staff and physicians. Electric scooters and wheelchairs require an electric charge on a regular basis, so a power outage could affect seniors’ ability to navigate around their homes and perform daily routines. Also, common medicines such as insulin require refrigeration, so diabetics could suffer during a power outage without a reliable generator.

Do You Have Family Members at Risk?

Even if you feel like you could weather a storm without a generator, you might have children or parents who cannot handle cold or hot temperatures as easily. Keeping your home environment comfortable could help them weather the storm and let your whole family enjoy a healthier year. Less-than-ideal humidity levels and temperatures, which could result from an outage without a generator, could cause respiratory illnesses or allergy flare-ups for vulnerable older or younger members of your family, as well as those with asthma or other preexisting conditions.

At Griffith Energy Services Inc., we know how stand-by generators can vary in size, fuel type, and technical design. We can install the right generator for your family, along with a fuel tank to keep it running when you need it. Don’t wait until your next power outage to worry about needing a generator. Call us today to schedule a stand-by generator appointment with one of our experienced technicians today.

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