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The last thing you want to happen on a cold winter’s day in Frederick, Maryland, is for your heating system to completely shut down. Luckily, there are some warning signs that your furnace might be on its last legs. Keep your home warm and comfortable for your family and pets by watching for these six signs of an impending furnace breakdown.

Frequent Repairs

Ask yourself, how often have I had to call and pay for furnace repairs in the last two years? If you realize that it’s been more frequently than your yearly maintenance, then it’s time to consider replacing your gas furnace. Multiple repairs within a short time can be a sign that your heating system is nearing the end of its lifespan and isn’t going to last much longer. Keep in mind that planning a replacement before winter is much easier and more affordable than dealing with an emergency failure in the middle of the season.

Old Age

Your system’s age can be the main reason why your furnace needs frequent repairs. Most furnaces last anywhere from 15 to 20 years before major components begin to fail. If the age of your furnace falls within this range, then it’s time to consider a full replacement. Griffith Energy Services, Inc. offers modern central furnaces that operate quietly for exceptional comfort and maximum energy efficiency. Our line of heating systems includes furnaces for every budget and home.

Strange Noises

Odd sounds are another sign that your system may be in trouble or nearing the end of its life. It’s time to be concerned if you hear your furnace constantly running or continually cycling on and off. Squealing, popping, banging, and rattling noises also indicate that something is wrong. Emergency repair services are always available, however, scheduling annual preventive maintenance is your best option for avoiding costly component failures and furnace breakdowns. Our professional team of HVAC experts will fully clean and test your furnace so they can resolve any small issues before they become big problems.

Uneven Heating

If some rooms in your home are boiling while others are freezing, it’s a sign your heating system is failing in some way. It could be a simple fix with your thermostat, or it could be that your furnace can no longer evenly distribute warmed air to keep you comfortable. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat to stay warm or if you notice cold air blowing out of your vents, then it’s time to call in the professionals for help. Your furnace or thermostat may be failing, or you may need a fuel delivery as soon as possible.

Higher Utility Bills

Your furnace’s efficiency decreases as it ages and components begin to fail. This problem leads to higher utility bills as your system works harder to keep up with your home’s heating demands. The extra money you’re spending on overworking your furnace and frequent repairs would be better spent on a newer model. Technology is always improving HVAC systems and products. Modern furnaces are worth the investment as they’ll save on energy costs and better heat your home this winter as well.

Dusty and Dry Air

Does the air in your home feel stuffy or stale? An old furnace can fail to keep the air clean and moisturized. Not only is it unpleasant to live in a dusty environment, but dry conditions cause those with allergies to suffer worse symptoms. A new furnace can fix this problem and help regulate the air in your home so that it’s always clean, fresh, and easily breathable. Changing dirty and dusty air filters on a regular basis will also help to keep the air quality in your home at a comfortable level.

Griffith Energy Services is here to help if your furnace is facing one or more of these situations. We work to provide the best heating services in Frederick, Maryland, and its surrounding areas. Please call us today to schedule your gas furnace repair or replacement. We’ll help to ensure that you and your loved ones stay warm and comfortable all season long.

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