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Hiring an HVAC company for repairs, installation assistance and even routine maintenance is commonplace for residents in Baltimore, Maryland. If you are living in Maryland and need assistance with the HVAC system in your home, knowing which questions to ask prospective companies will help you find the most qualified and suitable candidate for the job.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured to Offer HVAC Services in Maryland?

When you are thinking of hiring an HVAC company, you will want to verify the licensing and insurance each company holds. Ensuring the licensing and insurance of a company are valid is essential to protect your investment as a homeowner. Hiring an HVAC company that holds valid licensing and insurance will prevent you from assuming responsibility should losses, damages or an accident occur while contractors are on the job.

2. What Type of Licensing Do You Hold?

Ask about the types of licensing and insurance each HVAC company holds before hiring them to conduct work in or around your home. In the state of Maryland, there are currently six types of HVAC licenses, including:

  • Apprentice: The apprentice permit is suitable for individuals who are currently receiving training under another HVAC professional.
  • Journeyman: The journeyman permit is suitable for HVACR professionals who are working under a licensed master.
  • Journeyman-restricted license: The journeyman-restricted license is suitable for HVACR professionals under the guidance of a licensed contractor.
  • Limited license: A limited license permits repairs of HVACR professionals and their work in more than one area at a time.
  • Master restricted license: The master restricted license permits all HVAC work, including repairs and installations, on both heating and cooling units, including refrigeration and in some cases, even ventilation setups.
  • Master license: The master license in Maryland is suitable for HVACR professionals who qualify to work on all systems without limitations or restrictions.

3. Do You Offer Ongoing Maintenance Services?

Anytime you require the help of an HVAC professional or company, inquire about ongoing maintenance services currently available. Regular maintenance packages help ensure the quality and condition of any HVAC unit you have in your home regardless of its size, make or model. When you want to hire an HVAC company, asking about maintenance services will help you determine if they are optimal for the assistance you need.

4. How Flexible Are Your Maintenance Agreements?

Once you do find a trusted HVAC company that offers ongoing maintenance services, ask about flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments. Working with the right HVAC company will make it much easier to handle winter appointments, even if you need to reschedule for any reason in the future.

5. Do You Provide Written Quotes and/or Estimates?

If you’ve set a strict budget in place for your HVAC repairs, maintenance services or new unit, it’s important to ask for an estimate before hiring a new HVAC company. Request a written quote or an estimate to prevent unwanted or hidden fees from showing up unexpectedly once it is time to pay for the services you require.

6. Do You Offer Warranties?

Always inquire about warranties when searching for an HVAC contractor or company. Warranties will protect any HVAC work in the home for a set period. When you are interviewing HVAC companies near you in Baltimore, ask about the timeframe the warranty is valid to ensure you are making the right decision.

7. Do You Have References or Verified Testimonials?

Ask to see valid references and testimonials from previous clients. Testimonials and references provide valuable insight into the level of customer service you will receive with each company near you.

Finding and hiring the right HVAC company can make all the difference whether you need an inspection, routine maintenance or a brand-new installation service. Contact Griffith Energy Services to maintain your peace of mind at all times knowing your HVAC system is in the hands of licensed, trained and trusted HVAC professionals in Baltimore, MD.

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