When you’re watching your Berryville, Virginia, home’s heating and cooling costs, you might think that keeping the temperature under control is the easiest way to cut down your utility bills. If you’re focusing on temperature alone, however, you’re missing out on the energy savings that clean indoor air can bring. Discover how clean indoor air can lower your HVAC costs, and find out how to tackle air quality issues on a budget.

Start With a Fresh HVAC Filter

If you’re serious about achieving clean indoor air and saving money at the same time, focus on your HVAC filter, which offers essential indoor air quality improvements. These disposable devices capture dust and other contaminants, stopping them from circulating through your home’s air supply and preventing them from entering your HVAC system.

At Griffith Energy Services, we recommend replacing your HVAC filter at least every 90 days. When your HVAC system runs around the clock, especially during the summer, replace the filter every 30 days for optimal air quality.

While almost any correctly sized HVAC filter can do the job, our team recommends looking for a filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating between nine and 12. These low-cost HVAC filters help you stick to your budget while optimizing your indoor air quality.

Amp Up Your Cleaning Routine

Did you know your cleaning routine can make a big impact on your home’s air quality? Dust, pet dander, and other common indoor pollutants can accumulate quickly on surfaces throughout your home. If you don’t clean these surfaces regularly, you might find that you’re breathing in allergens and contaminants on a regular basis.

To keep dust and other irritants out of the air supply, give your home a complete cleaning once a week. Remember to dust surfaces, mop floors, and vacuum carpets and rugs thoroughly, and clean drapes and bedding regularly, too.

Eliminate Harsh Chemicals

If you aren’t careful, your cleaning routine could make your home’s air quality worse. Commercial cleaning products tend to be packed with harsh chemicals, many of which emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and affect your respiratory health.

To eliminate harsh chemicals in your home, try getting rid of all commercial cleaning products and using natural cleaners instead. Citrus and white vinegar can be effective natural cleaning products, and they’re cost-effective, too.

Concerned about the lingering effects of VOCs in your home’s air? Try placing inexpensive house plants, such as Boston ferns, English ivy, and spider plants throughout the house. These green plants serve as natural purification systems that can remove some of the most harmful VOCs from the air.

Invest in Whole-Home Air Quality Systems

For some Berryville homeowners, improving indoor air quality requires high-tech solutions. Whole-home air quality systems have the power to address indoor air quality issues in every room of your home, leaving no corner untouched. Since they connect to your HVAC system, they’re easy to control and can even improve your heating and cooling system’s performance at the same time.

Our team of HVAC experts can walk you through our full range of whole-home air quality systems to zero in on the ideal solution for your home. From energy-recovery ventilators that increase airflow to dehumidifiers that keep moisture in check to air purifiers that remove harmful contaminants, we have an indoor air quality add-on for every situation.

Consider Duct and Vent Cleaning

If the air in your home constantly seems dusty no matter how often you clean, indoor air quality issues could be lurking out of sight. Our team often recommends professional duct and dryer vent cleaning to remove years of accumulated dust, debris, and other irritants.

A single professional cleaning session can clear the air for years to come. This service can also help your HVAC system operate more efficiently. Since it has the potential to lower your utility costs and improve HVAC performance, this service is a smart way to boost indoor air quality while still keeping an eye on household costs.

Need some professional assistance improving your home’s indoor air quality? Contact the clean air experts at Griffith Energy Service at 888-474-3391.

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