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Propane is typically associated with heating, but this is a versatile fuel that you can use for many different purposes. If you’re looking for an alternative fuel to keep important home appliances running, you may be surprised to find out how often propane is the answer. Learn more about how you can run a whole home on propane in the summertime in Dover, DE and if it’s possible to do so throughout the year. This is a smart solution that comes with a wealth of benefits for your residential property.

How Whole Home Propane Works

Propane is a byproduct of refining crude oil and processing natural gas. This alternative fuel is most commonly associated with heating systems, but you can use it to power many different parts of your house. Consumer propane sales are expected to increase by 9% to roughly 800 million gallons between 2014 and 2025.

Some of the increase in propane use in the northeast United States is expected to occur as the result of household conversions from fuel oil furnaces to propane. However, your furnace isn’t the only part of your home that can rely on propane for power. You can benefit from whole home propane use all year long, cashing in on the benefits of this fuel even in summer.

Uses for Propane in Summer

You may not need to heat your home in the summer months, but there are many other uses for propane that you’ll need year-round. Many homes that use propane for heating also rely on this fuel to power the water heater, clothes dryer, and kitchen stove.

Most gas appliances can easily be converted to propane with a simple change to the fittings. A whole home propane system will power all of these appliances easily from your standard household propane tank. If you’re changing several appliances to propane, you may need to upgrade to a larger tank for your home. Our technicians can help you find the best option.

Benefits of Propane Use

Propane offers many benefits over more traditional forms of power. A propane-powered stove will offer more precise temperature control. This fuel allows the stove to heat up and cool down quickly so you can keep your food at the ideal temperature for even cooking. Propane cooking equipment also produces 30% fewer carbon emissions than electric equipment.

If you use a tankless propane water heater, you may qualify for special rebates or tax credits that give you a boost in monetary savings. Drying your clothes with propane uses 20% less energy than an electric clothes dryer. If you’re looking for a cost-saving, environmentally friendly way to power your home, propane is a versatile choice.

Propane in a Power Outage

In addition to powering your home’s everyday functions, propane can also be used for backup power. Equipment failures, vandalism, and severe weather can all cause power outages in our area. You can use your whole home propane tank to power a backup generator that will keep the electricity flowing to your home, effectively powering the entire house.

A propane generator can power your home for up to five days, helping you keep essential appliances functioning, such as your air conditioner and refrigerator. It takes only 10 seconds for a propane generator to restore power to your home.

Buying Propane in Summer

The demand for propane is less in summer than in winter, so you can refill your propane tank more affordably in this season. Even if you’re not running your home on propane, you should stock up before winter if you have a propane-powered heating system. Propane has an unlimited shelf life, so you don’t have to worry about when you’ll use this fuel. Buy while prices are good and you can keep the propane indefinitely. It’s always ready and waiting for you.

Considering whether it’s feasible to run your whole home on propane during the summertime? While many individual appliances can use propane, the only way to run your whole home on this fuel is with a generator. Griffith Energy Services can help you find the right standby generator for your home’s needs. Learn more about powering your house with propane. Give our knowledgeable technicians a call today at 888-474-3391.

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