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Impaired HVAC Efficiency

The effects of a dirty HVAC air filter cause more problems than you know. What looks like a harmless, dirty filter can greatly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and eventually cause your HVAC system to break down. Clogged air filters cause the following problems:

  • Damage your system – your cooling and heating equipment is forced to work harder when the air filter is clogged.
  • Impair the function of the blower – less conditioned air is blown into your home.
  • Impair the function of the evaporator coil – humidity removal is reduced and the coil and its surrounding area become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
  • Reduce the amount of air drawn into the system.
  • Increase your utility bill – the equipment is working harder and using more electricity.
  • Cause odors in your home – from mold and bacteria forming on evaporator coils and in air ducts.
  • Cause dirt build-up on your walls or ceiling – ducts become dirty and dust and debris are blown out onto your walls and ceiling.
  • Contaminate your air ducts – dirt collects and mold and mildew form in your air ducts.

As all these effects of a dirty HVAC air filter build up, the ultimate problem is that your HVAC unit gradually becomes less efficient until it completely breaks down. This causes high repair bills or replacement of the entire HVAC unit.

Dirty HVAC Air Filters Cause Health Problems

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home is typically two to five times more polluted more than the air right outside your front door. This problem can be exacerbated when your air filter gets clogged and becomes a source of contamination.

Once the filter gets clogged, particulates can get blown through or around the filter, getting on sensitive system components, including the evaporator coil and ductwork. This can spread mold spores and other allergens that will trigger allergies and other serious respiratory disorders including asthma, COPD and bronchitis. These are just a few health effects of a dirty HVAC air filter.

With a new or clean air filter of the right efficiency level, most of the minuscule particles will be captured. Otherwise, they may may released into your home or coat HVAC components.

If this happens, you may need to have your ductwork and entire HVAC system professionally cleaned. It ‘s much easier to clean or replace your air filter regularly than to have your ductwork cleaned.

Replacing or Cleaning a Dirty Air Filter

Different types of air filters have different recommendations for the frequency of replacement or cleaning. Read those recommendations and follow them. However, also get in the habit of inspecting the filter monthly, and changing it when it looks dirty. Different characteristics of your home, neighborhood and indoor air can affect how often a dirty HVAC air filter needs to be replaced.

Many homeowners prefer disposable air filters because they can simply be replaced and thrown away when they become dirty. If you prefer, you can use permanent air filters and clean them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Better still, you can call Griffith Energy Services, Inc. to recommend the best air filter for your home and to replace or clean the filters for you.

Don’t Take a Chance

Don’t take a chance with your HVAC system or even more importantly, with the health of your family. Contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc., Inc. today and have us check your air filter and your HVAC system. We will ensure your system is working as it should to prevent you and your family from suffering the adverse effects of a dirty HVAC air filter. We provide stellar services to Baltimore and the surrounding region.

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