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The duct system in your Maryland home is one of the most important components of your HVAC system. Duct problems can affect your comfort level, as well as the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system. If ducts are too small or are poorly designed or installed, they can reduce airflow. Obstructions in ductwork can also restrict airflow. When this happens, some of the cooled or heated air that your HVAC system generates won’t reach your rooms. The  system has to run longer and wastes energy.

Leaky ducts will result in the same sort of problems. When ducts are loose, are not sealed properly or have leaks, they can seep cooled or heated air into the walls or attic without reaching your rooms. Improperly insulated and leaky ducts will reduce both comfort and energy efficiency.

Dust and dirt in the duct system can also cause problems in your home. Dust can spread through your home every time you run the air conditioning or heat. Mold growth in your ducts or HVAC equipment can also spread this way.

Many of these problems can be easily remedied. If you suspect problems with your duct system, it’s important to get a reputable company to evaluate the situation. Some companies with little experience in HVAC systems offer duct cleaning services.  Sometimes these services are not really needed or don’t solve more complex heating and cooling issues. Still other companies will claim that ducts need to be replaced when, in fact, simple repairs could fix the problem.

Most ducts can be easily cleaned and sealed. Metal and flex ductwork can be cleaned with the right professional tools. Ducts usually need to be replaced only if they’re too small or severely damaged to repair.

If you suspect problems in your duct system, please call us at Griffith Energy Services. We’ll clean the ducts, detect duct leaks and thoroughly inspect your ductwork. 

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