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Oil furnaces are one of the best ways to keep your Washington, D.C. home warm throughout the harsh winter season. However, your heating oil tank needs some attention every so often to ensure your heating stays at a comfortable level and so it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your family. That’s why we put our faith in the TankSure Program. Using the TankSure Program, we can test the integrity of your heating oil tank to ensure it’s free of corrosion.

Why It’s Important to Check Your Heating Oil Tank

Your heating oil tank is the source of your heating power for the duration of the winter. If it should fail, you would lose the power to heat your home, as well as running the risk of contamination or fire. That’s why it’s so important to check the condition of your heating oil tank regularly. While you can’t conduct a thorough inspection of your tank in the same way as one of our trained experts, you can give it a quick once-over to see if you can find dents or signs of rust. Most heating oil tanks rust from the inside out, so even spying a small spot of rust can help prevent a catastrophe. You can also look for darkened spots around the tank, which shows that you may have water leaking inside.

In addition to these concerns about the integrity of the tank and the safety of your family, you also want to get your tank checked before the winter cold hits. If you wait until failure, replacing the tank can take several days or even weeks at a time, leaving your home without heat when you need it most.

The Benefits of Our TankSure Program

The TankSure Program is a service maintenance plan that ensures that your oil tank is always in tip-top condition. We use an environmentally sound, EPA-approved way to test the level of corrosion in your heating oil tank, using ultrasonic waves. Not only does this test for current problems, but it can accurately predict when you may need a tank replacement in the near future. In addition to this testing, the program also offers other perks for members including a $1,000 to $2,500 credit towards a new heating oil tank, an inspection of all the most important components such as the legs, seams, pipes, valves, and vent whistle, or a $200 upgrade credit if your current tank doesn’t qualify for a replacement. However, the most important benefit of the program is peace of mind.

Why Routine Maintenance Is Important for Your Heating Oil Tank

Like a filter, blower, or other component, your heating oil tank is an important portion of your heating system, which means you should keep up-to-date on maintenance. By signing up for a routine maintenance plan, we’ll ensure that the drains, valves, and flow rates are all in perfect harmony, as well as identify any blockages that could cause problems in the future.

How to Protect Your Heating Oil Tank from Damage

While the TankSure program is a great asset if you heat your home with oil, you can mitigate the damage from the outdoors by taking the proper steps. Snow, ice, and wind are the mortal enemies of your heating oil tank, damaging it without the right precautions. When snow falls on your tank, make sure to remove it with a brush to prevent corrosion. Never use a shovel or hard object to remove the snow, as you may cause irreversible damage to the tank. If your tank is close to your home, take special care to remove any icicles or other potential falling ice debris to ensure that it doesn’t fall on the tank. You can’t always protect your tank against wind, but if you have the extra capital, a protective shell isn’t a terrible idea to keep your furnace running smoothly.

When you need your heating oil tank checked or refilled, don’t rely on just anyone. At Griffith Energy Services, we hire only the best technicians in the industry, to assure your comfort and safety when it gets cold. Give us a call today at 888-474-3391.

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