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If your Charles Town, West Virginia, home or business uses fuel oil regularly for heating or to run commercial vehicles, then you should think about a fuel oil delivery service. Many companies can deliver heating oil, propane, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, BioFuel, and more. Buy fuel from Griffith Energy Services for safety, convenience, savings, and a guaranteed supply.


Fuel safety is extremely important for homes and businesses. With a quality fuel delivery service, you can make sure that professionals transport your fuel safely every time you need a refill. They’ll examine your fuel tanks for signs of leakage or damage when they make deliveries. A professional should also check for ignition sources like barbecue grills near the tank. They should teach home and business owners to avoid smoking near the tank, clean up spills quickly, close fuel caps tightly, and follow other safety procedures.

Gasoline or other fuels could contaminate the soil in your lawn and kill your grass if a leak isn’t repaired promptly. People could feel dizzy from gas vapors when they go outside. If there’s an ignition source nearby, your home or business could even be damaged by a dangerous explosion.


Bringing a truck to a store or a gas station to pick up fuel, bringing it back to your home or business, and then refilling or replacing your tanks could take hours. Most home and business owners are too busy for a long drive, and refilling or replacing a fuel tank can be complicated. If an employee does this chore, he or she won’t be able to take care of other duties as quickly.

In most states, drivers transporting large fuel tanks must have a commercial driver’s license or CDL with the additional endorsements needed for hazardous material. Hiring a company to make deliveries is much easier than finding a qualified employee.

Instead of calling Griffith Energy Services every time you need a fuel refill, you can set a regular weekly or monthly schedule for deliveries. You can also have your fuel levels checked regularly, or ask the delivery service to calculate shipments based on the temperature and the efficiency of your furnace or equipment. That way, you won’t have to risk running out of essential fuel for heating or vehicle operation. Also, you’ll only need to pay for deliveries when your tank is low. With 13 locations, excellent service is just a phone call away.


Fuel prices can fluctuate every day, and sometimes they can change hourly. By scheduling regular deliveries from an experienced expert, you can get the best price available. If you don’t already have a fuel tank, you can get one for a low price from Griffith Energy Services. Also, anyone can take advantage of wholesale prices with a bulk delivery, even homeowners. Since you’ll know how much your fuel costs will be ahead of time, you can plan your budget more accurately. Regular inspections during deliveries will help you prevent expensive problems and keep your costs low. They can also help you avoid inconvenient, uncomfortable breakdowns.

A Guaranteed Fuel Supply

With a dedicated fuel delivery service, you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel. If there’s a fuel shortage, a blizzard, or another disaster, many people could be unable to find fuel for their cars, homes, and businesses. An on-site tank will let you get through the situation without paying exorbitant prices for fuel or becoming cold and uncomfortable.

That way, you can avoid having to shut down your business, move your family to a hotel temporarily, or spend several says shivering in the cold. You also won’t have to deal with hazardous driving conditions or medical problems from excessive cold, like frostbite and hypothermia. Even in spring, cold weather can be dangerous and uncomfortable.

Griffith Energy Services started in 1898 as a coal and ice provider, and we still deliver a variety of popular fuels. We can also help you install, maintain, and repair a range of heating and cooling equipment. Call us anytime at 888-474-3391 for outstanding, friendly service across four states.

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