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As your HVAC system ages, it incurs wear and tear. While all appliances have finite lifespans, your system might last longer if you conduct regular maintenance. In addition to changing the air filter and refreshing the batteries in your thermostat, consider hiring our professional techs to visit your home for seasonal maintenance. Choose between bronze- and gold-level Griffith Energy Services plans, each of which can help you maintain the HVAC unit in your Dover, Delaware, home.

Reduce the Cost of Potential Repairs and Replacements

If your air conditioner breaks down or your heat pump stops blowing warm air, you’ll need an expert HVAC contractor to repair or replace the unit. Both bronze and gold service plan options will reduce those future costs, but in different ways. The bronze plan will give you a 15 percent discount on parts and labor, while the gold plan will cover parts and labor costs completely.

Since HVAC repairs and replacements can get expensive, many of our customers prefer the gold plan. When a heating system gives out in the middle of winter or a heat pump’s refrigerant line leaks, the customer doesn’t have to worry about the bill when our technician completes the work. 

For example, if your heating system needs a new part that costs $500 and you have the bronze service plan, you would have to cover $425 of the replacement costs. You would also have to pay for 85 percent of the service visit. If, however, you chose the gold plan, you wouldn’t have to pay any money for the replacement part or the technician’s service charge.

Save Money Up Front

A bronze service plan might suit your family best if you prefer to lower your monthly bills. Since a bronze plan costs less, you won’t have to invest as much money up front, and you can save money on your own toward future repair costs.

Some of our customers prefer the bronze plan because predicting future repair and replacement needs is impossible. If you’ve recently installed new equipment, for example, you’re unlikely to face a serious or costly repair soon as long as you keep up with regular maintenance and let us know about any problems right away. A gold plan might not seem like a smart investment because you probably won’t need our technicians for serious mechanical issues.

However, if you have an older unit, consider choosing the gold plan instead. You’ll have better protection against a future breakdown, which can give you peace of mind.

Benefit From Fast Response Times

You’ll get priority service from Griffith Energy Services no matter which plan you choose. A priority service call means that our technicians will expedite your service request when your HVAC system breaks down or suffers an issue. However, if you have a heating oil service plan and you choose the gold option, we’ll make our technicians available any time of day or night for serious or dangerous problems.

We’ll still respond quickly to bronze-level plan members, but we restrict service calls to regular business hours. If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing we’re available in the middle of the night, consider a gold plan.

Think About the Benefits of Both Plans

Now that we’ve compared the bronze and gold options, consider what these plans can offer you. Each plan comes with a tuneup visit for each covered part. Our technicians will inspect your system thoroughly, clean the covered components, and recommend any necessary repairs.

Additionally, you’ll earn $50 in loyalty credits for each year of membership. You can apply loyalty credits toward the future purchase of appliances ranging from boilers and heat pumps to air conditioners.

Whether you choose bronze or gold, a service plan helps you keep your HVAC system healthy. Call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to learn more or enroll in one of our service plan packages.

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