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HVAC Maintenance

High-quality heating and air conditioning equipment is manufactured to be rugged and dependable through many years of service. However, critical system components experience substantial operational stress, especially during extreme temperatures. A modern furnace or air conditioner requires periodic, routine maintenance to maximize indoor comfort, minimize operating costs, and avoid unexpected failures.

Services for Maintenance Customers

Annual HVAC maintenance for residential and commercial systems helps ensure that the equipment continues to perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our factory trained technicians use a variety of high-tech diagnostic tools to uncover systemic problems before a unit actually fails.

Annual tune-up packages provide comprehensive testing of vital furnace and air conditioning components including the blower, heat exchanger, ignition system, burners, circuit boards, contactors, defrost controls, fan motor, and the compressor. We also check refrigerant levels and record the temperature drop across the coil.

Other important HVAC services include recalibrating the thermostat, measuring volts and amps on motors, testing the flue, cleaning the evaporator and condensing coils, changing filters, and recalibrating the system for optimal performance.

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At Griffith Energy Services, our HVAC maintenance agreements are affordable, flexible, and designed to help save on annual repair and operating costs. It is important to note that every major equipment manufacturer includes a regular maintenance requirement as part of their warranty policy.

Bronze Plan:

Our Bronze plan includes a complete annual tune-up to ensure your system is operating at peak efficiency. For required repairs, plan owners receive a 15 percent discount on both parts and labor.

Gold Plan:

The Gold plan covers the same services provided in the Bronze plan, but it also includes standard replacement parts at no charge. This feature can help eliminate the potential for encountering a large expense related to an unexpected equipment repair.

Bonus Point Program:

Service agreement owners are eligible to participate in our bonus point program. For every year of continuous plan enrollment, you will earn points that can be applied to qualifying equipment purchases with discounts up to $500.

For over a century, residential and commercial customers in Baltimore, MD have relied on Griffith Energy Services for all of their HVAC service and installation requirements.

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