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Propane gas is an extremely versatile and powerful source of energy. Many think of it in connection with heating, but it actually has the ability to do vastly more things for commercial enterprises than just that. If you are a business owner around Salisbury, MD, here are just a few ways that making greater use of propane gas can benefit your bottom line.

Low Cost

The most immediate reason why using propane to satisfy your power needs is good for business is that it’s quite affordable. Propane is typically far less expensive than other fuels like kerosene and oil, and in most cases, it’s also less expensive than electricity. Even if these energy cost savings are modest in the short run, they can grow to substantial proportions after enough time.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Heating, cooling, and otherwise powering your business with electricity can involve significant energy loss. Consider the fact that in order to get any electricity in the first place, you typically have to convert it from another energy source like coal or nuclear power. Also, electricity generally has to travel through many miles of electrical wires before it can even reach your business location, a process that involves a hefty amount of energy loss.

By contrast, propane gas is already itself an energy source, allowing energy providers to dispense with conversions and other types of processes. All in all, propane can be as much as 66% more cost-effective when you factor in each respective source’s production and transportation costs. In practical terms, this translates to lower utility bills for your business.


You can use propane to power virtually any appliance or device that you can also power with electricity, like stoves, refrigerators, freezers, and more. In addition, you can heat your business premises with propane-powered boilers and water heaters.


Though electrical systems have built-in safeguards like wire insulation and circuit breakers, dangers from power outages, surges, and electrical spark fires still exist. Similarly, liquid fuels like kerosene can poison the surrounding environment if they leak out, with heating oil leaks in particular constituting an EPA hazard.

Compared with these other fuels, propane is generally much safer. If propane leaks out, the gas will naturally just dissipate into the air and not harm the environment.

Many people fear the possibility of a gas explosion following a propane leak. However, propane only ignites at a temperature of 940 degrees Fahrenheit (about 504 degrees Celsius), which is much higher than the equivalent flash points for gasoline (between 428 and 536 degrees Fahrenheit or between 220 and 280 degrees Celsius, depending on the circumstances). As long as there are no burning fires near your propane tanks, there is no meaningful risk of an explosion following a gas leak.

Environmental Effects and Public Image

Propane is not a greenhouse gas. It burns cleanly and contains far less carbon than other power sources like diesel, ethanol, and kerosene. If you experience a leak, propane won’t contaminate any surrounding water because propane is a gas at room temperature and will not dissolve in water.

Most other fuels not only have a substantially higher carbon footprint but also present gargantuan environmental risks if any kind of mishaps should occur. If your business uses propane to satisfy its energy needs, it will earn the public goodwill that comes from respecting and caring for the environment.

Refueling Is Simple

If you ever require additional propane, HVAC and energy services companies can deliver it to you upon request. Compare this to the tremendous hassle you’d face if you needed electricity to keep your business running and had a power outage.

Thanks to its countless special qualities, there are a great many reasons to recommend propane as the fuel to help push your business through its day-to-day operations. If you need propane delivery in the area, call Griffith Energy Services today.

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