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When shopping for a new HVAC system in Hagerstown, MD, one crucial consideration is the warranty that comes with it. A warranty can provide peace of mind and protect you from unexpected repair costs. Below is an outline of the most important factors to remember when shopping for an HVAC warranty.

1. Coverage Length

HVAC warranties typically range from one to 10 years, with longer coverage periods costing more. Consider the expected lifespan of your HVAC system when choosing a warranty length. A longer coverage period may provide peace of mind but may not be necessary for a newer system.

On the other hand, a shorter coverage period may save money but could leave you vulnerable to unexpected repair costs after the warranty expires. It’s important to carefully evaluate your needs and options when selecting the best possible warranty.

2. Type of Warranty

There are two main types of warranties: manufacturer’s warranties and extended warranties. A manufacturer’s warranty typically covers defects in materials or workmanship for a certain period, while an extended warranty provides additional coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

When purchasing an HVAC system, you can opt to buy extended warranties from either the manufacturer or a local HVAC company, which can provide more comprehensive coverage but may also come with additional costs. To ensure that the offered warranty aligns with your needs and budget, you must carefully review all the necessary details. More than anything, ask questions!

3. Covered Components

HVAC systems include compressors, coils, fans, and thermostats, and it’s crucial to review the warranty carefully to ensure that it covers all critical components. You may have to pay for expensive repairs on other parts of your system if some warranties only cover specific pieces of equipment.

In addition, some warranties may have specific requirements for maintenance or repairs, and failure to meet those requirements may void the warranty. Understanding which components your warranty covers and any maintenance requirements are crucial in selecting an HVAC warranty that provides comprehensive coverage and protects you from unexpected repair costs.

4. Exclusions

Exclusions are specific situations or types of damage not covered by the warranty. It’s important to carefully review the exclusions of any warranty before making a purchase, as they can vary widely between manufacturers and plans.

Some common exclusions include damage caused by natural disasters or improper installation, so it’s important to be aware of these limitations to avoid unexpected repair costs.

5. Transferability

Transferability is transferring the HVAC warranty to a new homeowner if the original owner sells their home. A transferable warranty can increase the resale value of a home and provide added protection to the new homeowner.

However, not all warranties are transferable, and those may come with certain conditions or fees. It’s essential to consider the transferability of an HVAC warranty when purchasing a new system, especially if you plan to sell your home.

6. Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements are an important factor to consider when selecting an HVAC warranty. Many warranties require regular maintenance by a licensed professional to remain valid.

Carefully review the maintenance requirements outlined in the warranty, as neglecting to perform required tune-ups could void your coverage. Additionally, it’s worth considering the cost and frequency of required maintenance when selecting a system and warranty, as more complex or expensive systems may require more frequent or costly maintenance.

7. Warranty Provider Reputation

Research the company providing the warranty and read reviews from previous customers to determine their reliability and trustworthiness. A reputable provider should have a history of honoring their warranties and providing high-quality customer service.

Also, they should have a strong financial standing and be able to pay out claims when needed. Choosing a warranty from a reputable provider can provide homeowners with greater peace of mind, knowing that a reliable and trustworthy company is protecting their investment.

Selecting the right HVAC warranty will protect your investment and provide the ultimate peace of mind. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans and veteran service technicians who will happily walk you through different types of coverage. Contact Griffith Energy Services today, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure your HVAC system continues to run smoothly years from now.

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