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residential oil heating myths

Whether you already have residential oil heating or you're considering switching to this type of system, you have probably heard a lot about how it works and the costs associated with oil heating. Learning the myths about oil heating gives you the opportunity to get to the truth.

Common Myths About Residential Oil Heating

These myths about oil heating may be influencing your decision about using this heating method to keep your home comfortable and safe this winter.

  • Myth: Central air conditioning isn't compatible with residential oil heating.
    Truth: A professional technician can easily add central air conditioning to your home when you're using oil heating.
  • Myth: Oil heating has a negative impact on the environment.
    Truth: Oil heating is actually one of the cleanest options for heating your home, particularly among methods that utilize hot water to circulate heat throughout a home. Oil heating produces nearly zero emissions, and this is especially true for newer oil heating systems.
  • Myth: Oil heating is a dangerous method of warming your home.
    Truth: Heating oil is safe to use. Natural gas has explosive properties that can cause a dangerous situation, but heating oil doesn't react in the same way. Heating oil even poses a low risk of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Myth: The volatile cost of oil seriously impacts the affordability of using oil heat.
    Truth: Oil is still in abundance, and there are dozens of countries throughout the world that supply oil. The United States is actually the third-largest supplier of oil in the world.
  • Myth: You'll need to switch to natural gas if you want to sell your home.
    Truth: Some realtors may tell their clients that they will have to switch to a different type of heating system, but this is simply untrue. The best way to ensure that you can sell your home when you have oil heating is by knowing how to answer questions and bust myths about oil heating.
  • Myth: Oil heating systems aren't compatible with alternative energy sources.
    Truth: These systems can use a biodiesel heating oil that helps to cut down on the consumption of petroleum. 
  • Myth: Oil heating will cause your home to smell bad. Truth: There's a petroleum odor that you'll notice right after your oil is delivered, but these fumes aren't constantly being circulated throughout your home. The fumes dissipate soon after delivery.
  • Myth: Your heating oil storage tank could leak, and cleanup will cost a fortune.
    Truth: While it's possible for your tank to leak, the costs of cleaning the mess up aren't as high as you would think. There are also ways to prevent leaks from happening. Regular maintenance can prevent these leakages, and you can even purchase a service contract that will cover the cleanup following a leak for an affordable cost.
  • Myth: Oil tank leaks hurt the environment.
    Truth: While you don't want your tank to leak, you don't have to feel like you're harming the environment if it happens. The oil that's found in your tank is a natural substance, and studies show that animals and people aren't harmed when heating oil leaks into soil. Cleanup typically involves taking soil samples in order to determine whether drinking water is being contaminated by the oil that has leaked. 
  • Myth: Oil heat is an inefficient.
    Truth: Newer oil heating systems are even more efficient than gas heating systems. These systems tend to last longer than other heating options.
  • Myth: Oil heat is an old-fashioned method of keeping your home warm.
    Truth: More than 10 million homes in the United States utilize oil heating, and thousands of these homes have been built recently. New advances in oil heating technology have made it a viable option today.

Switching to Oil Heating With Professional Services

Now that the common myths about oil heating have been debunked, you can decide whether you would like to switch to or stick with oil heat. One important way to keep your home safe with oil heating is by hiring a professional for repair, installation and maintenance services. Griffith Energy Services, Inc. provides high-quality, friendly services to people in Columbia and the surrounding areas.

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