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When you’re installing a new heating oil tank for your Cheverly, Maryland, home, you’ll have a few options to consider, from outdoors or indoors to underground or above ground. Find the best location for your home heating oil tank so you can look forward to a warm, cozy winter.

Storing Your Heating Oil Tank Indoors

If your home has always had an outdoor heating oil tank, it’s time to consider an indoor tank. After all, tanks need replacement every 20 years on average, and the construction of these components has advanced significantly over the past few decades.

Older models are generally made of steel, but at Griffith Energy Services, our new 275-gallon tanks tend to include two materials. In addition to the traditional steel layer, many new models have a secondary containment enclosure made of polyurethane. This stops rust in its tracks and prevents hazardous leaks. Some new models even have leak-detection technology so you can rest assured that your family and property will stay safe.

One of the biggest benefits of an indoor heating oil tank is that protecting it from the elements is easy. You won’t have to worry about extreme temperatures or snowfall affecting the tank’s performance or causing damage. Since these tanks don’t have to weather precipitation, high winds, or excessively low temperatures, they generally last an average of 20 to 25 years.

Storing Your Heating Oil Tank Outdoors

While indoor tanks are optimal for many customers, you also have the option to install your heating oil tank outdoors. In the Cheverly area, temperatures rarely reach extremes, making an outdoor tank viable.

When you need a standard heating fuel refill or an unexpected repair, outdoor tanks are easy to access. An outdoor location also provides an extra layer of protection between heating oil and your family members or pets. Keep in mind, however, that outdoor tanks don’t last as long and may need replacement as frequently as every 15 years.

If an outdoor heating oil tank is the smartest option for you, our technicians will take a few precautions to ensure that the tank doesn’t spring a leak or cause a fuel spill, including using a top-draw supply line system. We also recommend annual maintenance to ensure that your tank stays clean and secure and operates smoothly throughout the heating season.

Storing Your Heating Oil Tank Above Ground

An aboveground heating oil tank requires minimal installation and offers easy access for both refills and repairs. Since an aboveground tank is always visible, you’ll be able to spot a rare leak or any other serious issue right away. As a result, your costs will generally be lower and you’ll have greater peace of mind.

When installing an aboveground heating oil tank, our technicians take care to place it on the side of your home or in the backyard so that it doesn’t present an eyesore or interrupt your landscaping. While aboveground tanks are built to survive a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions, you’ll need to take a few extra protective steps to keep them intact. For instance, these tanks should always rest on reinforced concrete pads and should be under a roof that can withstand substantial snowfall.

Storing Your Heating Oil Tank Underground

If you want to keep your heating oil tank out of sight but you’d prefer not to place it in the basement or in a utility room, installing it underground might be a smart option. Keep in mind, however, that underground installation costs tend to be higher and spills, though rare, are challenging to address.

On the plus side, underground tanks tend to be much larger than other models, and some can hold up to 1,000 gallons of heating oil. With a tank that size, you can rely on your heating system to keep you warm all winter with minimal heating oil refills.

Whether you’re in the market for a new tank or you just need a heating oil refill, don’t hesitate to contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc. Our team is available 24 hours a day: 888-474-3391.

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