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Switching to Home Heating Oil

If you're looking for a better way to keep your Mid-Atlantic home warm, look into home heating oil. You might be surprised at some of the benefits of home heating oil, like the fact that it's more environmentally friendly than natural gas. So before you make up your mind on heating oil, check out these quick facts:

A Safe Choice

For most homeowners, their primary concern isn't money, it's safety, which is one of the biggest benefits of home heating oil. Natural gas, unlike heating oil, is explosive and can raise carbon monoxide to deadly levels with little warning. Heating oil, on the other hand, gives homeowners warnings. Before you get to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, you'll see smoke or soot, or smell odors. Also, the fumes released by heating oil aren't lethal, keeping you and your family safe.

An Economical Choice

Heating oil tends to be cheaper than natural gas, but there are even more savings to be found by switching. With natural gas, Mid-Atlantic customers tend to have to pay extra fees, like delivery and supply charges, maintenance charges, and administrative costs. While it's true that some years heating oil can be more expensive than natural gas and you'll need to invest in an oil storage tank, the natural gas infrastructure isn't supporting the needs of the Mid-Atlantic region. This means that during colder winters, shortages are occurring, drastically increasing the price of natural gas.

A Clean Choice

While "oil" might sound like a dirty word, one of the benefits of home heating oil is that it's actually cleaner in many ways than natural gas. It produces none of the methane emissions you get with natural gas. You might also be surprised to know that the emissions of heating oil aren't even regulated by the Clean Air Act because they burn so cleanly. And unlike natural gas, which has no renewability factor, many newer formulations of heating oil are blended with biofuel.

A Comfortable Choice

With heating oil, you know your home will always be comfortable because it provides one of the hottest flames. Even in the coldest winters, you'll be able to easily keep your home at the temperature you desire. Heating oil is highly efficient, although it's important to remember that your heater's efficiency also relies on keeping the heating system maintained and having good insulation.

A Dependable Choice

Another one of the major benefits of home heating oil is knowing that you'll have reliable service. With the natural gas shortages in the Mid-Atlantic area, it can be worrisome if you can't keep your home comfortable. But because heating oil doesn't rely on the same infrastructure and the U.S. government has a large stockpile of emergency petroleum, you can rest assured that your family will be safe, even in the coldest, longest winters.

An Understandable Choice

Natural gas billing can be difficult to understand, but if you switch to heating oil, billing becomes quite simple. Not only do you not have to deal with extra monthly fees, but your bill comes in gallons, not therms, helping you better understand how much you're using and letting you keep a better eye on energy usage.

An Affordable Switch

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of home heating oil. However, if you're currently heating your home with natural gas, you may be worried about the cost of switching fuels. The good news is that it's much cheaper to switch from natural gas to heating oil rather than the other way around. You might be surprised at how little it can cost.

If you'd like more information on how home heating oil might be beneficial for your Mid-Atlantic home, contact Griffith Energy Services, Inc. We dispatch service vehicles from 12 different locations to better serve you, and have 24/7 emergency services to keep your HVAC systems running when you need them most.

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