Most modern homes feature full HVAC systems. If you have an older home in Manassas, VA, however, then you may have an AC window unit or be completely without air conditioning. In either case, you might want to consider upgrading to a ductless HVAC system. This type of unit comes with many benefits.

A Flexible Heating and Cooling Choice

Homes that have a traditional heating and cooling system receive warm and cool air through a ductwork system. On the other hand, ductless units provide warm and cold air to separate zones. A ductless system features a small exterior unit as well as one or more indoor elements. The only thing required for installation is mounting equipment and electricity.

Better Air Quality

Often, a home’s indoor air quality is more polluted than the air outside. Even if you have a traditional HVAC unit cleaned regularly, it can still circulate allergens and dust particles. When you decide to install a ductless heating and cooling unit, consider getting one that features multi-stage filtration because it will decrease the amount of pollen, bacteria, dust, and allergens inside your home.

Fast and Simple Installation

Ductless HVAC units are fast and simple to install. If you decided to go with a regular ducted system, the installation would take a few weeks. It would also interrupt your daily life. Ductless units are less invasive to put into a home. While it depends on how many units you need, some systems can be installed and ready to use in just one day.

Ductless Systems Are Cost-Effective

A major benefit of installing a ductless system is that it will save you money. When you’re using an inefficient heating and cooling system to maintain the interior temperatures of your home, your utility bills can grow to an uncomfortable height. Ductless systems run using less power. This type of system is smaller than traditional HVAC units. Also, ductless systems send air separately into each room that you’re using, improving efficiency.

You can select a multi-split system to establish different zones in your house. This means that you can avoid sending hot or cold air to areas of your home that you aren’t using. Along with decreasing your utility bill, when you install a ductless unit, you may receive a rebate or a tax credit. Federal, state and local programs are available to make installing a ductless system more affordable.

Decreases Your Carbon Footprint

Ductless heating and cooling systems are small. They also allow you to zone your home. Both factors deliver a high level of energy efficiency. Ductless systems abide by Energy Star standards, so they are more efficient than the minimum standards recommended by the federal government. While better efficiency decreases your utility bills, it also reduces your carbon footprint.

Ductless systems take advantage of developments in chemistry to decrease their impact on the environment. This type of system uses a kind of refrigerant that is popular because it doesn’t deplete ozone. When you get a ductless system, your heating and cooling unit will have a lower impact on the planet throughout its operating life.

More Comfortable

A great benefit of installing a ductless system is that you’ll have complete control over how many units your home needs and where you place them. Often, homes have rooms that experience different temperatures. One room may be colder than another. Ductless units allow you to manage the temperature of each room based on your comfort level.

Visually Appealing

A mini-split system is visually appealing heating and cooling option. While a window unit takes up the space of one of your home’s windows, a ductless system is mounted inconspicuously on your wall. The unit is sleek and small, delivering a look that’s contemporary and minimal for added visual appeal.

Ductless HVAC units are ideal for new construction, home additions and even condominiums in Columbia, MD. If you’re considering this type of system, contact us at Griffith Energy Services. We provide ductless HVAC unit installation. Make an appointment with us when you’re ready to work with a reputable HVAC contractor.

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