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In recent years, analog thermostats have been largely replaced by digital thermostats, and these digital thermostats offer more programmable options and greater precision. Plus, with the introduction of machine-learning capabilities, “smart” temperature control in your Ocean City, MD, home has never been easier. Below is a compilation of comparisons between Wi-Fi thermostats vs. smart thermostats.

Wi-Fi Thermostats vs. Smart Thermostats: A Head to Head Comparison


Unlike the older manual thermostats, both Wi-Fi and smart thermostats can be programmed to your preferred temperature settings. Having your indoor temperatures ranging in your desired requirements can boost the comfort of your home. This is especially true in the summer when temperatures can get more uncomfortable.

Smart thermostats, however, bring more comfort since they can detect when you enter a space. After sensing your presence, the smart thermostats then automatically bring the room to your desired temperatures. With Wi-Fi thermostats, you have to trigger the temperature settings through a mobile device app.

Convenience and Control

Both smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are capable of automatically adjusting the indoor temperature to preset levels. With these digital thermostats, you can program the temperature settings to suit your personalized schedule. You can even schedule events such as vacations to optimize your energy consumption.

The smart thermostat units bring better control features since they can make temperature decisions on their own. This is more convenient than with the Wi-Fi units that rely on an internet connection for temperature adjustments. Through machine learning, smart thermostats learn your behavior and preferences to make better temperature settings on their own.

Save You Money

Most of the digital units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Wi-Fi thermostats can be configured to optimize your HVAC system when you are not in the house. You can also program your schedule, like when you sleep, so that the HVAC system is not running fully when you don’t need it to.

AI-powered smart thermostats bring energy savings a notch higher by using weather and system performance data to minimize runtime. Smart thermostats are better since they are capable of displaying your energy consumption information. You can use this data to make more efficient cooling strategies.

HVAC Maintenance

A sure way of ensuring that your HVAC system lasts longer and runs optimally throughout the year is by having it tuned regularly. Smart thermostats assess the HVAC unit for any malfunction and immediately informs you. This can help prevent a costly repair or replacement costs.

Apart from alerting you when there is a need to have an HVAC unit repaired, smart thermostats can also give maintenance reminders. These reminders can include when you should call in the technicians for cleaning the ducts or even when you should change the air filters

Easier Usability

If you are a tech-savvy homeowner, you may not notice any difference when toggling between the menus of both the smart and Wi-Fi thermostats. But for most homeowners, it can be too much to make configurations through the apps on a mobile device. With Wi-Fi units, you have to set up every temperature requirement on your own.

Smart thermostats, on the other hand, gradually learn your behavior and temperature preference. With this information, the smart thermostats are capable of making personalized temperature settings on your behalf. They learn your schedule and which rooms you like hotter or cooler.


The best feature of Wi-Fi thermostats is remote-control capabilities. You can turn on your HVAC system some minutes earlier before you arrive home. What can be better than walking into a cool house on a hot summer afternoon?

However, if you do not arrive on time and forget to adjust the settings remotely, the thermostat will turn on the HVAC unit. This can result in unnecessary energy costs. Smart thermostats sense when you are not at home and keep the energy consumption low.

At Griffith Energy Services, we offer competent and professional HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our qualified technicians will help you ensure that your home cooling is efficient. Contact us today to have your HVAC system inspected and serviced professionally.

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