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If you are looking for a heating system that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective for your Dover, DE, home, then it could be a great idea to install a cold climate air source heat pump, known in the HVAC industry as a ccASHP. This review will give you a detailed report about how a cold climate air source heat pump operates and its benefits.

What Is a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump?

Recent advancements in technology have brought about the adoption of high-efficiency heat pumps that provide heating in icy climatic regions. These HVAC systems have a built-in, inverter-driven compressor and refrigerant unit that are efficient in these cold regions.

The inverter-driven compressor controls and increases the compressor speed capacity in very harsh winter seasons. A ccASHP system provides excellent energy efficiency to homes that do not have access to natural gas heating. There are two types of this HVAC unit, the central-ducted and the ductless systems, and you can choose a single or multi-zone indoor system.

How Does a Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Deliver Heat?

During the ccASHP installation for central-ducted systems, the technicians will need to install forced-air ducts to distribute heat. However, ductless systems will deliver heat to specific areas in the home using a single system, and it does not require any ductwork.

The technician will need to install a backup heat system to help meet your family’s heating needs when the cold outdoor temperatures prevent the ccASHP from operating or limiting its use. You will need to hire a professional technician who provides efficient heating installation services.

The system’s efficient performance relies on how well the technician integrates the heat pump and the backup system. A propane furnace acts as a backup for the central-ducted system, and the backup system only works when the ccASHP is unable to deliver efficient heating during the winter season. A ductless air source heat pump uses electric resistance baseboards as a backup.

In addition, a ccASHP operates through the defrost mode by preventing frost formation on the outdoor coil when the outdoor temperatures are freezing. It does this by transferring a small amount of the indoor heat to the outside through reverse operation.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

A cold climate air heat pump has a high upfront cost. However, compared to other heating systems that use propane, heating oil or electricity, the ccASHP saves you money over time. Some models will save you 50% on your heating costs depending on the size of your home.

Reduced Use of Delivered Fuel

Propane, heating oil and portable electric heaters are standard heating methods. Thanks to the cold climate air heat pumps, homeowners don’t have to rely on delivered fuels for heating. However, in cases where outdoor temperatures fall below freezing point, you can use propane or electric resistance heat as a backup.

Environmentally Friendly

An efficient cold-climate air source heat pump reduces the use of fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse emissions. Thus, increasing the use of ccASHPs can bring benefits to Dover, DE, and the surrounding regions.

Air Conditioning Services

Although the sole purpose of a cold-climate air source heat pump is to provide heat during the winter, they can also function as air conditioners. During the warm months, this system will work in reverse mode, and it helps to expel the hot air from the home’s interior. Thus, ccASHP is an excellent investment for any climate.

Great Installation Package Benefits

Compared to ground source heat pumps, a cold climate air source heat pump does not require technicians to perform an underground installation. A ccASHP will work efficiently and offer the same services as a ground source heat pump when installed in a well-insulated home. It also has lower installation upfront costs compared to a ground source heat pump.

If you reside in Dover, DE, contact us at Griffith Energy Services for cold climate air source heat pump installation and maintenance services. We’ll help you go over all your options to choose the heat pump and backup system that work best for your home.

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