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You have heard that upgrading your HVAC system will probably increase the overall value of your Salisbury, MD, home. How accurate is this statement, and will investing in a new system boost your property value? Read this guide to understand the benefits that come with buying a new system and how doing this can boost your home’s value.

Is Upgrading Your HVAC Worth It?

When preparing to sell your home, upgrading your HVAC system to increase your home’s value might be the last option you think of. However, you need to understand that the HVAC unit is an essential component of your home. Besides increasing your home’s value, the system helps keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, keeping your family comfortable throughout the year.

An HVAC system with a low-efficiency rate means that you will need to spend too much in the form of monthly energy bills. Therefore, if you plan to move and want to sell your Salisbury, MD, home, it would be best to replace the inefficient system with a highly efficient HVAC system to attract buyers.

Potential home buyers will expect to purchase a house with a well-maintained HVAC system. You could turn away interested buyers if your home doesn’t have a reliable system. If you have an HVAC system and want to install a new, more efficient one, you need to consider the following factors.

Your Summer Weather

If your home normally doesn’t require air conditioning to stay comfortable in the summer, then upgrading your HVAC system won’t give real value to your home. Therefore, you’ll need to consider seasonal temperature changes and what it takes to keep your home cool in warm weather to determine whether an HVAC upgrade is worth it.

Do You Need to Replace Your Ductwork?

The ductwork in the HVAC unit helps to remove and deliver air in your home. If your ducts are falling apart, replacing the HVAC unit won’t be beneficial because you’ll have to spend so much money replacing your ducts, especially if they’re more than 15 years old. Therefore, if you have an old HVAC system in good shape, you should consider doing small repairs rather than a total replacement.

Is Your HVAC System Less Than 10 Years Old?

If you have an HVAC unit less than 10 years old, you shouldn’t worry about replacing it if it doesn’t have damage. Most modern and efficient HVAC systems have a lifespan of more than 10 years, and all they need to keep them functioning is regular maintenance.

If you have your HVAC system serviced annually, you can be confident that it’s still in good shape, and buyers are unlikely to lower their offers on your home. Most HVAC systems will only wear down after 15 years of working tirelessly to heat, cool, filter and ventilate the air in a house.

However, you can hire a professional who will look at your HVAC system’s state and then advise you on the updates you can make. If your HVAC unit requires constant repairs and has too much damage, then consider installing a new one.

When Should You Replace Your HVAC System?

If you plan to sell your home, you need to look out for some telltale signs that let you know you might want to replace your HVAC system for the home buyers. First, if you’re frequently booking repair appointments with HVAC experts, replacing the system is the best solution.

If you have an HVAC system with issues that can compromise your family’s safety, then replacing the system is the best solution. It would be best to replace a furnace that cannot burn its fuel efficiently because it can leak carbon monoxide and cause poisoning.

In the end, buyers will want to buy a home that is energy-efficient and safe, and if they suspect your home has a flawed HVAC system, they will likely search elsewhere. If you’re considering upgrading your HVAC unit to increase the value of your Salisbury, MD, home, contact our AC and heating installation experts at Griffith Energy Services.

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