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If you’re still cooling your Dover, Delaware, home with a window unit, you’re missing out on energy and cost savings. Window units not only make significant noise and create air leaks in the home, but they also undermine your attempts to reduce your carbon footprint. We can install central air in your home to make it more efficient.

Get Energy Costs Under Control

Central air conditioning might seem expensive to install, but it pays for itself over time. For the average household, air conditioning accounts for over 15 percent of the home’s energy usage. Central air conditioning units can operate at multiple speeds and control your home’s temperature more efficiently. Additionally, they have higher EERs, or energy efficiency ratios, than window units.

Unless you’re cooling a tiny studio apartment, central air makes the most sense when you want to keep more cash in your pocket. After you’ve absorbed the up-front cost, you’ll see your energy bills decline, which will ultimately put you ahead of the game financially.

Create More Comfort

Window air conditioners aren’t designed to improve airflow. They blast the room with cool air from one direction, and their cooling effects don’t extend beyond the room in which they’re installed, which leads to warm hallways and other parts of the home.

Uneven cooling can also become a serious cause of discomfort. Part of the room might feel ice cold, while the rest of the room feels mild or even warm. Since you want to enjoy your home, consider central air for even, comfortable cooling.

You’ll also enjoy the lack of noise and the reduced potential for moisture damage. Window units often leak water that can foster mold or destroy drywall and leave room for air leaks to develop. 

You don’t need a window unit to keep your Dover home cool. We’ll install an air conditioner and keep it maintained for your efficiency and comfort. Just call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to schedule a consultation.

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