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As long as it’s providing the hot water you demand, it can be easy to take the water heater in your Cheverly, Maryland, home for granted. But if you forget your water heater, your everyday actions may cause you to inadvertently harm your unit. You may be feeding these three bad habits and unknowingly damaging your Cheverly, MD water heater, inching closer to a day when the hot water won’t come.

Neglecting Water Heater Maintenance

Since you use your water heater multiple times a day, your unit wears over time. While that wear may seem inconsequential at first, problems that start small can quickly escalate, further damaging your water heater and causing spikes in your utility bills. You can schedule water heater maintenance to catch issues early. However, some homeowners neglect water heater maintenance, allowing sediment to build up, rust to increase, and leaks to spread. The longer you put off water heater maintenance, the more your system will be damaged.

Keeping the Temperature Too High

You may love taking long, hot showers, but keeping your temperature too high for too long can damage your water heater. While your unit is built to handle heat, prolonged exposure to temperatures that are too high can cause your water heater’s components to expand and become damaged. Keep your water heater thermostat at or below 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help protect your unit.

Pushing the Pressure

You may want high water pressure to wash your dishes, but pushing your water pressure can damage not only your water heater but also the entire plumbing system. Both your water heater and your pipes are designed for an optimum water pressure, and most plumbing systems shouldn’t be forced to handle more than 80 psi. Don’t increase your water pressure higher than this level, no matter how much you want a back massage in the shower.

Don’t let your bad habits be the reason why you’re replacing your water heater before it’s time. Have a professional check your water heater by calling Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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