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Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important concern in any home. Airborne pollutants can leave you with congestion, headaches, fatigue, and other unpleasant symptoms. An air purification system is a smart solution that will help you breathe more comfortably. The Air Knight purification system is a cutting-edge choice that can help you create a healthier home.

Benefit #1: Reduces and Contains Cold Virus Particles and Germs in Your Home

An Air Knight system is your first line of defense for combatting cold virus particles and germs in your home. This benefit is particularly salient as we continue through peak flu and virus season, and the coronavirus is all over the news cycle. With a premier IAQ system like the Air Knight purification system that uses the positive and negative ion technology mentioned below, vigilant homeowners are much more likely to prevent virus particles and germs from entering your home. It’s like an insurance policy to prevent your family from getting exposed to germs that can make them ill.

An Air Knight purification system can remove airborne pollutants like virus particles, dust, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and pet dander. IAQ products like the Air Knight system trap, remove and/or eradicate:

  • Up to 80% of airborne viruses and other virus-sized particles
  • 99% airborne molds, spores, pollens and other pollen-sized particles
  • 98% of airborne bacteria and other bacteria-sized particles
  • 94% of asthma-inducing respiratory dust
  • 80% of airborne tobacco smoke and particles the size of tobacco smoke

Benefit #2: UV Light Air Scrubbers to Eliminate Pollutants, Irritants and Odors

The Air Knight purification system is more than just an ionizer. It also features PX5 technology, which uses a UV light and quint-metallic core to scrub the air. This technology pulls air through a complex filtration system that will remove a number of potential pollutants, including smoke, bacteria, viruses, and mold. These air scrubbers even eliminate odors for a fresh, clean smell throughout the home.

Benefit #3: Low-Maintenance Operation

The Air Knight system is a low-maintenance IAQ installation that requires minimal care and attention. Unlike traditional air filters, which require monthly or quarterly changes, the Air Knight purification system only needs a new core cell every two years. This means you can comfortably install this solution and put it out of mind for a while as you enjoy the benefits of cleaner air.

Benefit #4: Positive and Negative Ion Technology

Like many air purification systems, the Air Knight IPG emits negatively-charged ions. These attract positively charged allergens, dust, and bacteria. When the two form a bond, they become heavier and can no longer remain airborne. The particles then fall to the ground or get trapped in the system’s collection plate.

The Air Knight system also produces positive ions, going a step beyond what most systems can do. These will bind with negatively charged allergens and pollutants to eliminate all types of irritants rather than only those with a positive charge.

Don’t spend another minute breathing dirty, polluted air in your own home! If you’re interested in learning more about the Air Knight purification system, call Griffith Energy Services today. We’ll help you assess your home’s needs and select the perfect purification system for better air quality.

Image via Air Knight

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