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When one of our technicians arrives at your Berryville, Virginia, home to perform scheduled maintenance, he or she can answer any questions you might have about your comfort level. To get the most benefit from a maintenance visit, here are three key comfort questions to ask. 

How Can I Reduce Humidity Levels?

If you’re constantly sweating in your home this summer, you can reduce indoor humidity levels to get more comfortable. Installing a whole-home dehumidifier or running your air conditioner more often might resolve the issue, but our HVAC technicians can provide specialized advice.

For instance, the technician might notice that your house lacks sufficient ventilation or that your air conditioner is too large for the home and therefore doesn’t run often enough. Only a trained expert can spot these issues and help you get humidity under control.

Why Do Some Rooms Have Warm Spots?

In a perfect world, an air conditioner cools every room of your home evenly. However, if you notice warm spots in your home this summer, don’t let your HVAC tech leave without asking about it. Our experts can walk through your home and note any factors that could disrupt airflow.

Maybe your living room furniture has blocked an air vent, or perhaps your ducts need cleaning because a clog has created hot spots. Whatever the reason, a concrete answer will help you tackle the problem.

What Causes This Strange Odor or Sound?

Odd smells and noises can suggest a problem with your HVAC system. Our technician might notice it upon arrival, but if not, bring it up before the technician begins work. He or she will know to look for potential causes during the maintenance and inspection. If there’s a faulty part or other issue, you can schedule needed repairs.

A maintenance visit offers the perfect time to ask an expert questions about your home comfort. To schedule air conditioning maintenance, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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