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lower energy billsThere’s a lot of constructive work you can do to make sure that your home’s HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible, and plenty of ways you can cut back on your energy use overall so you can lower energy bills. However, one thing to be aware of is that you may be losing energy by accident. To take control of energy consumption, avoid these common mistakes in your Manassas area home.

Using the Wrong Air Filter

Your HVAC system has a range of air filters that it can use, and trying to force it to use a higher-efficiency air filter can lower system efficiency. For an air filter, “efficiency” refers to how well it filters out airborne particles. The finer the mesh, the better it catches dust and pollen and the more it obstructs airflow. When the filter efficiency is too high, the HVAC fan motor has to draw more energy to push air through.

Letting the Sun Shine in on the Thermostat

The thermostat has to monitor the temperature of your home in order to know when to engage the HVAC system. But if it’s in direct sunlight, it will register a temperature warmer than the temperature in the rest of your home, which could mean letting the air conditioner run longer than it needs to.

Blocking Vents or Return Vents

If you’re closing vents to keep air from going into an unused room, or you’re blocking return vents with rugs or furniture, you’re also obstructing the flow of air through your system. That means that the pressure in your ductwork is changed, which can lead to unbalanced airflow. It can also mean that too much or not enough air is returning to your central system, which leads to inefficient operation.

For more information on how you can lower energy bills in your home, check out Griffith Energy Services, Inc.’s energy saving resources or call 888-474-3391!

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