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When we think about fuel sources, propane may not the first one that springs to mind. We’ve all used small propane canisters to power things like barbecues and other small-scale appliances, so why not put this humble little compound of carbon and hydrogen atoms to work on a wider scale as a household fuel source?

In fact – while propane continues to be a minority fuel source in Dover, DE and, indeed, the United States – its popularity is growing. It is estimated that over 6.8 million households in the U.S. now use propane to heat their homes, and here are three reasons.

It’s Incredibly Versatile

Far from simply being a fuel source for a barbecue, modern propane gas customers are finding themselves wowed by its versatility. Everything from patio heaters and hot tubs to cooking ranges and clothes dryers can run on propane, and the delivery services offered by suppliers like Griffith make it incredibly convenient and accessible for homeowners.

It’s More Efficient Than You Might Imagine

A common perception of propane is that it is less fuel-efficient than other power sources. This is not even remotely the case. Propane gas actually has a higher energy content than the standard natural gas that most people use to provide heating to their homes.

If your car has been converted to run on propane, you will also find that your new fuel source is considerably more fuel-efficient than the gasoline alternative.

It’s Safe and Clean

Another misconception is that propane gas causes house fires. Once again, this is untrue. The National Fire Protection Association does not list propane as a major cause of house fires in the U.S., nor is a properly stored and maintained tank of propane likely to cause a fire in your home.

Propane is also kinder to the environment than other fuel sources, burning more cleanly and causing less damage to the atmosphere in the event that it is accidently released in its unused form.

Have you tried using this handy little molecule to heat your home? Let us know how it worked for you! Contact Griffith Energy Services at (888) 474-3391 to get more information on propane fuel and to learn about our propane fuel delivery options.

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