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HVAC systems don’t run perfectly forever. If you want to ensure your level of comfort is maintained, it’s important to consider having routine HVAC maintenance conducted on your system. Doing so will keep your Cheverly, Maryland, home comfortable even when the weather outside is less than favorable. Here are three reasons why routine HVAC maintenance is essential for your comfort.


Quite possibly the most important reason to conduct routine maintenance on your system is to maintain its level of efficiency. An HVAC system with leaky ducts, a dirty filter, or other issues will cause the system to work harder and expend more energy. A system without routine maintenance tends to work 20 percent harder to produce the same amount of comfort. Not only will you be losing money to the inefficient system, but it’s very likely you’ll be uncomfortable also.

Healthier Air

An HVAC system with dirty coils and filters is bound to become a gathering place for mold, bacteria, and dirt. This breeding ground won’t stay in the filter; it will be spread through the system and into your home. Keeping up on your routine maintenance will ensure that you not only have a home that is as warm or cool as you prefer, but it also will ensure that you have air comfortable enough to breathe.

Longer System Life

You can’t be comfortable without a properly operating HVAC system. Due to the extra effort, the system must put in when it has experienced a lack of maintenance, its life is considerably shortened. Routine maintenance will also help prevent sudden breakdowns, which may come as a result of other issues in the system. As you make sure routine maintenance is conducted on your system, you’ll be able to enjoy your optimum level of comfort for much longer than if that maintenance was ignored.

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