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While home sealing is important for energy efficiency, you might have a problem if the sealing is not combined with proper ventilation. Homeowners in Dover and throughout Delaware should understand and address problems with home ventilation to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Oven Fans Aren’t as Effective as You Think

The exhaust fan over your oven may circulate stovetop air, but it might not vent that air to the outside. If you notice a thin film of grease on your kitchen walls, that deposit is a prime indicator that your kitchen air isn’t really going anywhere. Upgrade to an exterior venting exhaust fan to send hot, moist air from your stovetop to the outside, away from your living space.

Poor Ventilation Can Rot a Crawl Space

Your crawlspace may not get much attention, but you should poke your head down there to check on ventilation in the space from time to time. If you see mildew in your crawlspace or notice that the area is perpetually damp, then you don’t have adequate ventilation in the space. Over time, the perpetual moisture can actually begin to rot your home’s foundation. If you have existing foundation vents, make sure they’re not clogged or blocked. If you need to install new foundation vents, contact a professional contractor.

Improving Ventilation Is Easier Than You Think

Adding whole-house ventilation to your home is relatively simple and affordable, particularly if you already have a forced-air heating and cooling system in place. You can explore some options for improved ventilation in the home, including exterior venting exhaust fans and energy-recovery systems.

Always remember to balance sealing and ventilation. If you caulk, weather-strip, and seal your home meticulously, you may end up creating an envelope of stale air with extremely poor indoor air quality. Contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 for an evaluation and more information on improving air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort in your Delaware home. The right combination of systems and strategies will keep your home comfortable, safe, and healthy throughout the year.

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