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If you live anywhere in the mid-Atlantic area, specifically somewhere like Baltimore, you may be worried about the impending tornado season. Tornadoes can create lots of dangerous problems for people who have not prepared themselves and their families. By preparing your home with a basement shelter, an emergency kit, and a home stand-by generator, you can stay comfortable even in the upcoming tornado season.

Tornado Shelter in the Basement

One way to keep your family safe during tornadoes is to invest in a tornado shelter in the basement of your home. The basement is one of the safest places to be in the event of a tornado, so establishing a safe and secure space in your basement is a good idea. You can keep anything you might need in case of emergency in this shelter space and feel comfortable knowing that your family will be safe.

Well-Stocked Emergency Kit

Another thing you should invest in to keep your family safe in the case of a tornado is a well-stocked emergency kit. Some of the best things to put in an emergency kit are bottled water, food, any medications that you may need, flashlights, batteries, important documents, and a full tank of gasoline to fill your car with once the tornado passes. Your family may have other needs to address in your emergency kit — fill it with whatever is best for them.

Home Stand-By Generator

Another thing you should invest in to keep your family safe during tornado season is a home stand-by generator. Tornadoes often take out power sources of entire cities and will leave you with no electricity. This can be very problematic when you’re trying to take care of your family in the aftermath of a tornado, so having a strong home stand-by generator is important. It will help get your lights on and your appliances running.

Keeping your family safe in the event of a tornado will be your first priority, so investing in these safety precautions is critical. Call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391 to address any HVAC maintenance needs, keeping your home both comfortable and prepared for the next tornado season.

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