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Though Baltimore, MD, is further north than other places in the country, it still experiences its share of heat. Running your air conditioning throughout the summer can increase your electricity costs, however. You can lower your bills and still have the comfort you want by following the four AC home maintenance tips included below.

1. Use Your Thermostat

There are many thermostats that you can have installed in your home that are either smart or programmable. These will either learn your schedule or enable you to set a schedule. Only run the air conditioning when you are home to save energy.

2. Replace Air Filters

Replacing the air filters is a necessary task that needs to be done in a timely manner to prevent the AC from overworking. Our professionals will inspect the air filters during an air conditioning maintenance appointment. We will quickly clean the debris or replace them if they are causing the air conditioner to run more.

3. Inspect the Ducts

Ductwork may easily develop leaks through holes and cracks in the equipment. The air will have to run at an increased rate to make up for the air escaping through the holes. You should have the ductwork inspected and repaired as soon as possible if you notice these problems.

4. Inspect the Coils

The coils are a part of the air conditioner condenser and work to absorb heat. If these are excessively dirty, they will be unable to absorb heat from the air, making the system work harder. In order to reduce energy costs, it is important to clean or replace the coils as necessary.

The above air conditioning maintenance tasks can help you save on your energy costs. If your air conditioner is not running as it should, though, then you may be in need of repair. Contact our professionals at Griffith Energy Services for AC repair or maintenance you need.

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