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It’s reached the hottest days of summer again, and with the high temperatures the Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region have experienced lately, you sure are glad to have your air conditioner — but when was the last time your A/C system had a tune-up? It may sound like an extra cost, but it’s really not. Like cars and other mechanical equipment, air conditioners need a little regular finessing to keep them running smoothly — and like cars, regular tune-ups help keep them out of the shop.

Here are some ways that annual A/C system tune-ups can actually save you money.


The first thing to consider is maintenance. You may not realize this but your air conditioner has filters that need to be cleaned, parts that should be lubricated, and coils to be cleaned. You wouldn’t drive a car without oil, why would you do the same thing to your air conditioner? An annual A/C tune-up is all it takes.


Plus, with proper maintenance, your air conditioning system will run more efficiently. Clean filters let air flow better and lubricated parts move freely. In turn, friction is reduced in the system and air flow is preserved, reducing your energy costs. When your A/C unit is running well, it takes less energy to power the system and less energy means smaller utility bills.

Future Problems

On the other side, there is the issue of future problems. A trained HVAC professional can look at your air conditioning unit and spot small problems before they turn into big (read: costly) ones. This extends the life of your air conditioner and keeps it running smoothly for years.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

There is also an even more practical side — your manufacturer’s warranty. Read the fine print. Many need regular maintenance from a licensed professional. If you fail to do so, you risk voiding your warranty. 

For more information on ways annual A/C system tune-ups can actually save you money, check out Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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