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air conditioner problemsA service visit can be expensive if you’re having air conditioner problems, especially once summer arrives in the Baltimore area. With the following tips, you may be able to repair some of the more common air conditioner problems and avoid the cost and inconvenience of calling a professional.

Poor Airflow Around the Condenser

The outdoor coil, or condenser, requires plenty of airflow in order to properly dissipate the heat removed from inside your home. If your system isn’t cooling properly, check the condenser and make sure the surrounding area is free of debris, such as patio furniture, leaves, tall grass and other items. Check the coils themselves and carefully remove any small twigs, leaves and dirt, then rinse them clean with a garden hose.

Pooling Water Near the Condensate Drip Pan

If your home is more humid than normal or you notice water pooling near the condensate pan, there may be a problem with the condensate pump or the drain. Make sure the condensate drain is clean and free of debris, then pour some water in the drip pan to be sure that the condensate pump is working.

Poor Temperature Control

If it seems like the thermostat takes too long to respond when the temperature rises, you may need to adjust the heat anticipator in your thermostat to turn the air conditioner on at a lower temperature. Make a mark indicating the anticipator’s original position and adjust it as required.

Inadequate Air Delivery

Reduced airflow into one or more room may indicate a problem with the duct system. Change the air filter for your HVAC system, clean the registers in each room and make sure there are no obstructions in the air ducts.

Inefficient Operation or Poor Cooling

Make sure your air conditioning system is sized properly for your home, especially if you’ve done any recent renovations. Undersized or oversized air conditioners tend to run inefficiently, cool poorly and require more maintenance.

Learn more about identifying air conditioner problems, as well as Griffith Energy Services’ expert air conditioner repair services, or call 888-474-3391 to schedule an appointment for your Baltimore area home.

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