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The squeaking wheel gets the grease, as the metaphor goes, and if your A/C is squeaking, grinding, rattling or making some other unusual A/C noises in your Westminster area home, it deserves some TLC right away.

Common A/C Noises

An A/C system contains several components and parts with the potential to make all kinds of noises. The first step is to try and identify where the noise is originating:

  • Airflow – The most common airflow obstruction is a clogged air filter. The blower becomes louder, and the ducts might even shake and vibrate. If you hear rattling or clamoring, you may have a loose duct connection at any number of seams or at an air supply outlet.
  • Compressor – A compressor in need of service often makes a long and loud whirring sound. A failing compressor makes a grinding noise.
  • Electrical – Clicking noises are often electrical issues, which could be a faulty thermostat, poor electrical contacts and deteriorating electrical components.

Repairing A/C Noises

Now that you’ve identified or narrowed the source of the noise, it’s time to give your ailing A/C the attention it deserves.

  • Airflow – Check the air filter monthly, and replace as needed. Inspect the ductwork for loose and fallen ducts. Metal-backed tape is used to seal ducts. Make sure all ducts in the attic and other unconditioned spaces are insulated. Check the air handlers or fans (indoor and outdoor) for obstructions.
  • Compressor – Compressor problems should be handled by your HVAC pro. If your compressor is grinding or whirring, turn it off immediately and make the service call.
  • Electrical – Most electrical issues need professional attention. If you’ve installed a new thermostat, however, double-check the wiring connections.
  • Preventive maintenance – An A/C system needs professional preventive maintenance to deliver efficient and comfortable cooling. You’ll enjoy better A/C performance with fewer breakdowns. It’s much less expensive to balance the blower or maintain optimal refrigerant levels than it is to replace the blower motor and compressor.

If you have further questions about A/C noises, please contact us at Griffith Energy Services. We provide superior HVAC services to Baltimore and surrounding communities.

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