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Statistically speaking, the indoor air in your Cheverly, MD, home is five times dirtier than the air outside. The dirt could be from pet dander, dust mites, fire retardants, or even pollen. An air purifier — like the Aprilaire air filtration systems we carry and install here at Griffith — can greatly improve your indoor air quality through a variety of ways.

Reduces Indoor Air Pollutants

An air purifier can significantly reduce the indoor air pollutants in your Cheverly, MD home. For example, one of the pollutants contaminating your indoor air could be smoke particles. Smoke particles are major constituents of particulate matter.

A study by Canadian academic groups showed air purifiers lower particulate matter in your home. This notably improves your cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Destroys a Wide Spectrum of Disease-Causing Organisms

Bacteria and different volatile organic compounds are invisible. They can also stay in your indoor airspace for a long time. Aprilaire air purifiers destroy bacteria, viruses, allergens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This exceptional capability reduces sick building syndrome. Aprilaire air purifiers are also very pocket-friendly.

Provides Living Space Ventilation

Air purifiers such as mechanical ventilators bring fresh air into your living space. They are calibrated to realize an equilibrium of air dilution and saving energy. They not only keep your home fresh and clean but also save you money.

Assist in Home Filtration

Modern central air conditioning systems are fitted with advanced air filters. These remove pollutants from your home more efficiently than conventional fiberglass filters.

Aprilaire filtration systems capture more than 90% of air pollutants. On top of that, the systems are compatible with your programmable thermostat.

Living Space Humidification

If your home is too dry, disease-causing organisms find a conducive environment to thrive. Some disease-causing organisms may be responsible for dangerous respiratory illnesses. Aprilaire humidifiers control constant humidity levels in your living space with steam.

Aprilaire provides a wide range of quality products that address your living space air pollution. These include electronic and media filter dehumidifiers, mechanical ventilators, and whole-home humidifiers.

Install an Aprilaire Air Purifier in Your Cheverly Home!

Contact Griffith Energy Services to ensure a comfortable indoor environment for you. Reach out to us to learn more about your home’s indoor air quality and how installing an Aprilaire air cleaner system can revolutionize the way you breathe at home.

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