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Your AC has worked fine in your Charles Town, West Virginia, home until you hear a cracking sound. After that sound, your AC stops blowing cold air. What’s the problem? Not getting any cool air from your AC? Frozen coils could be part of the problem.

The coils in your AC depend on a certain amount of airflow to work properly. The coils pull in heat from the air outside your home and use it to warm up. That cool air is then blown throughout the rest of the house. If any problems occur during this exchange of cool and hot ai, then, you could have some trouble.

Three reasons of how your filter might be the cause of that trouble are given below. If you’re not getting cold air from your AC, be sure to look out for these issues.

Your Filter Might Be Dirty

One thing that your AC filter shouldn’t block is airflow. When a filter becomes too dirty, however, airflow becomes restricted and your AC has to work harder to exchange hot and cool air. This restriction of airflow can cause the coils to start freezing. To prevent this problem from happening to you, get your filter checked regularly. 

Your Filter Might Have Mold

With a dirty filter, you might also experience another problem, mold. Mold develops from small spores that can grow into a big nuisance, including respiratory problems. Fix this problem by regularly inspecting and changing your filter to prevent buildup. Pay special attention if the mold has an odor or if someone in your home is allergic to mold.

Your Filter is Too Restrictive

Your air filter has a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. This is a measure of how effective your filter is at removing things from the air. A filter with a very high MERV rating means that it is very good at restricting things from getting into your unit. While a high MERV rating sounds good, places a lot of stress on your unit. When your filter’s MERV rating is too high, the HVAC system has trouble pulling air through it. This can restrict airflow the same way a dirty filter can, resulting in frozen coils.

The key thing to remember is that your filter needs to have good airflow to do its job. If you think your filter is suffering from frozen coils, be sure to give us a call to check it out. A Griffith Energy Services technician can assess your system for frozen coils and design a maintenance plan to keep your AC system running better throughout the year 

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