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The dry winter air in Martinsburg, West Virginia, creates the perfect environment for static electricity. Static can cause inconveniences ranging from annoying shocks to unmanageable hair. Fortunately, this isn’t something you have to just live with. Keep static under control in your home and stay comfortable this winter with smart management strategies.

Tame Your Hair

If static is making your hair stand on end, use an intensive conditioning mask to battle dryness. Spray leave-in conditioner on a comb or brush and run it through your strands before styling for added control. Using a boar bristle brush is better for static control than using nylon or synthetic products.

Raise Your Home’s Humidity

The most effective way to get rid of static is to increase the humidity in your home. You can do this with a portable humidifier in select rooms if you feel that the problem is in an isolated spot. For a more comprehensive solution, consider installing a whole-house humidifier. This goes right in your HVAC system and boosts humidity levels throughout the house.

Soften Your Clothes

If your biggest problem area for static is in the laundry, you can keep it out of your clothes by using dryer balls or fabric softener sheets. You can also battle static by tossing a damp washcloth into your dryer for the last 15 minutes of the cycle. If you find a lot of static on clothes as you take them off the hanger, rub a dryer sheet over them to neutralize the charge before you get dressed.

Spray Down the Carpets

When carpets get too much static charge, they shock as you as you walk through the room. Eliminate this problem by spraying a softener on the carpets. Pour a capful of fabric softener into a spray bottle of water and mist your carpets to help minimize the static charge.

For more help in keeping your air comfortable and your home static-free, contact Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391. We can help you humidify your home for outstanding static control this winter.

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