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When you’re buying or selling a home in Baltimore, Maryland, you’ll probably encounter some heating questions in the process. That process can be complicated when the house has oil heat. Buyers may think oil heat is expensive, dirty, or unsafe, but it’s actually one of the most practical heating solutions. Make sure you know some of the following facts before buying or selling an oil-heated home in Maryland.

Is Oil Heat an Efficient Way to Heat a Home?

Oil heat provides efficient and affordable warmth. Many of today’s oil-fired systems are clean-burning systems with emissions levels at almost zero. It’s a common misconception that oil heat is dirty and expensive. Oil heat is actually one of the most practical and economical solutions to heating.

Is Oil Heat Expensive?

Many independent oil-heating dealers compete with each other to keep oil prices low, and oil heating can actually be cheaper than natural gas, depending on where you live. Unlike oil, natural gas is a nonrenewable fossil fuel. Eventually, global consumption of natural gas could lead to a competitive global supply and demand market. This competition could raise prices even more for natural gas.

Is Oil Heating Safe?

Oil used for heating doesn’t ignite until it reaches 140 degrees, and at this temperature the oil vaporizes. Although natural gas doesn’t show signs of malfunctioning, oil heating systems give warning signs, such as smoke, soot, or odors, to alert you to possible breakdowns.

Oil heat is safe, clean, practical, and economical. Advancements in oil-drilling technology and the modern use of clean-burning fuel have made oil heat a more common type of heating system for use in homes. Both buyers and sellers should be aware of some of these up-to-date facts about oil heat before deciding whether to buy a house with oil heat.

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