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You know that the air conditioner in your Columbia, Maryland, home plays a significant role in your energy efficiency and the related utility bills. But can your AC cause poor indoor air quality? Without regular care, the elements of your AC that usually provide a healthy, comfortable home will become threats to your indoor air quality. Here are a few ways that, without proper care, the AC can reduce your indoor air quality.

Clogged Air Filters

Your air conditioner’s filters should improve your indoor air quality by catching dust, dirt, and other hazardous particles and removing those pollutants from the air. If you forget to change these filters, however, they can quickly become clogged and devolve into a threat to your indoor air quality. A clogged filter will be less effective at catching harmful particles, and pieces of that clog may break off and jump on your airflow. Clogged filters also reduce airflow and energy efficiency. Changing your filter once a month should reduce the chances of clogs.

Duct Problems

Without ducts, your AC wouldn’t be able to transfer that cooled air throughout your home on a hot summer day. Problems in your duct network, however, can quickly reduce your indoor air quality. Leaks sometimes form in ducts, allowing pollutants to invade your airflow and spread through your home. Call one of our licensed professionals to check your ducts for problems.

Poorly Ventilated Air

Just like water with nowhere to go becomes stagnant and dangerous, air that’s left in one space for too long will become stale and transform into a pollutant. The AC should move and ventilate your air, but if the system is falling short, it may be unable to keep your air from becoming stale. Regular professional HVAC maintenance will help guarantee that your unit can adequately ventilate your home.

Your AC can cause poor indoor air quality. So don’t let your air conditioner become the reason you can’t stop sneezing. To preserve your AC and improve your indoor air quality, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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