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How big of a deal is an incorrectly placed thermostat? Worse than you think. Direct sunlight shining on your thermostat is bad for your whole HVAC system because it means your thermostat can’t correctly read the interior temperature. Think about your thermostat’s placement in your Frederick, Maryland, home. Do any skylights or windows shine on it during the hottest part of the day? If the answer is yes, you may need a thermostat adjustment.

Direct Sunlight Affects Temperature Readings

If the thermostat is affected by direct sunlight, that will cause it to misread the indoor temperatures. The thermostat works by sensing heat in the home. The direct heat from the sunlight will, therefore, cause the thermostat to react. That means the thermostat kicks on the AC in response, when only that area is warm. This wastes energy and the rest of your house will feel cold.

Your Heat Settings Will Be Wrong, Too

The opposite problem happens in winter. The direct sunlight will heat up the thermostat, convincing it that the house is warmer than it is. That means it will take longer for the thermostat to trigger the furnace. You’ll be shivering into your wool socks and sweaters, wondering why the furnace is off.

Get Help Moving the Thermostat

A badly placed thermostat will cost you a lot in energy and comfort. Moving a thermostat is a project you shouldn’t try on your own. It involves handling electrical wires and determining electrical wires and proper placement.

If you suspect that thermostat location is a problem in your home, call Griffith Energy Services. We can send someone over to look at the setup and move your thermostat if needed. After our visit, you will experience a more consistent temperature. We can also suggest great thermostat upgrades that will give you more control over your HVAC system and interior temperature. Contact us today at 888-474-3391.

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