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Can’t seem to get to sleep or keep waking up throughout the night? Your Dover, Delaware, HVAC system could be the culprit. Find out how to save energy and sleep better by making a few easy adjustments to your thermostat and HVAC system.

Dial Back the Temperature Overnight

If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, take a minute to adjust the settings for different times of the day. While you’ll want your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature while your family is home and awake, you don’t need to keep the system running at full blast while everyone’s asleep. Naturally, running your HVAC system all night can drive up your utility bills and waste energy.

Program your thermostat with the optimal settings for the season, about 88 degrees in the summer and 58 degrees in the winter. You’ll sleep much better with these automatic overnight settings, and you’ll save energy, too.

Keep Humidity Levels Under Control

When the indoor air is too moist, your home can feel much too warm. In contrast, when the air is too dry, your home can feel too cool. Set your thermostat to between 40 and 50 percent humidity to keep moisture levels under control. You’ll feel more comfortable and breathe a little easier.

Filter the Air Around the Clock

The HVAC filter keeps your home’s air clean and your heating and cooling system protected around the clock. But if your home tends to pull in a high level of indoor air pollutants, or if your home doesn’t breathe naturally, an HVAC filter alone isn’t enough.

Talk with the Griffith Energy Services team about an air purifier or an energy-recovery ventilation system that works with your HVAC system. These HVAC add-ons can trap nearly 100 percent of contaminants in your home’s air and supply your home with a constant supply of fresh air, helping you stay healthy and save energy even while you’re asleep.

Need professional help improving your home’s indoor air quality? From humidity to ventilation, our technicians can tackle any air quality problem. Call Griffith Energy Services, Inc. at 888-474-3391 today.

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