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parts of the HVAC system

When it comes to your comfort, you can't know too much about the parts of the HVAC system in your Baltimore home. If each of the components listed below is functioning properly, the system as a whole is more efficient, increasing comfort and using less energy. 

  • Furnace – After receiving orders from the thermostat, the furnace pushes conditioned air outwards through the ducts, and towards the vents, to be delivered to each room in your home. 

  • Heat exchanger – The heat exchanger starts to work when the furnace is activated by the thermostat. Cool air is drawn into the heat exchanger from outdoors or the cold air return vents. Once inside, it's quickly heated before continuing on through the ducts. 

  • Evaporator coil – As cool air is called for, the evaporator coil chills the air, which is then picked up by the furnace blower and delivered. 

  • Condensing unit – This outdoor unit houses a refrigerant gas that's cooled through the exchange of heat with the outdoor air. It's then condensed and compressed into a liquid and directed through a metal line that's connected to the evaporator coil. During this evaporation process, the heat is absorbed and the remaining cold air is picked up by the furnace blower. The gas is then directed back out to the condensing unit and the process repeats. 

  • Refrigerant lines  – These lines in the HVAC system direct the refrigerant — in liquid or gas form — between the evaporator coil and the condensing unit. 

  • Thermostat – Directly linked to the furnace, the thermostat controls the HVAC system. 

  • Ducts  – A home's network of air ducts is used to remove or deliver air to each room in your home. 

  • Vents – These typically metal covers are connected to a duct that ends at the wall, floor or ceiling, dispersing and directly the flow of air in to the room. 

For more information about the parts of the HVAC system, or any other HVAC concerns, give us a call at Griffith Energy Services, Inc. We're proud to serve homeowners in Hagerstown and surrounding areas. 

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