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Are you paying attention to the noises your furnace makes? You can keep your Edgewater, Maryland, home’s heating system functioning properly. Several furnace noises can give you clues that your system needs repair.

Loud Bangs at Startup

If you hear a loud bang when you start your gas furnace, this sign indicates the burners need to be cleaned. A gas furnace with dirty burners doesn’t light immediately, allowing gas to accumulate. The excessive amount of gas igniting causes the loud bang you hear.

Dirty burners need to be cleaned by a professional. If left unattended, the heat exchanger in your furnace could become damaged, leading to major repairs or furnace replacement. Have your furnace maintained regularly to prevent dirt from building up on your furnace’s burners.

Clangs or Knocks

When you hear a clanging or knocking sound when you start your furnace, the noise means your ducts and pipes are expanding as your furnace heats your home. However, if you continue to hear these sounds while the furnace runs, you could have loose parts in the blower assembly or motor.

Arrange for furnace repairs before a loose part breaks and damages your furnace. Call one of our qualified technicians to inspect for loose parts and repair or replace those parts as needed.


A loud screeching noise coming from your furnace could be caused by the belt that connects the motor to the fan. The sound you hear could mean a belt has slipped or cracked.

Additionally, a dry motor bearing in your furnace can also create that screeching sound. A heating contractor can reposition or replace a furnace belt as well as properly lubricate furnace motor bearings.

When your furnace starts making unusual noises, those noises can signal it’s time for a repair. Griffith Energy Services provides heating repair service to the Edgewater, Maryland, area. Call us at 888-474-3391 to learn more about the heating services we offer or to schedule a maintenance or repair visit.

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