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Staying cool all summer long can be easy for Berlin, Maryland, homeowners, especially if you invest in a ductless air conditioning system. If you aren’t familiar with these versatile systems, you’ll be impressed when you find out just how much they offer. From flexible installation to zoned cooling, discover the key benefits of ductless air conditioning systems.

Flexible Installation

Also known as mini-splits, ductless air conditioning systems are some of the easiest cooling systems to install. Due to their slim profiles, ductless outdoor units can fit in a number of convenient locations around your home’s exterior, while the indoor units can go on the wall or in the ceiling. Since mini-splits don’t require ductwork, the Griffith Energy Services team can install them in a fraction of the time it takes to design and build a central air conditioning system.

Zoned Cooling

While mini-splits usually have one indoor unit for each outdoor unit, you can certainly invest in a more advanced ductless system. Multi-split systems take mini-splits to the next level by giving you the option to connect eight or more indoor units to each outdoor unit. Since you can embrace zoned climate control by using ductless systems to cool entire floors or distinct zones in your home, you can gain total control over the comfort level of your home.

Efficient Climate Control

Whether you want to cool a single room or an entire floor of your home, going ductless can be a very efficient choice. Each cooling zone has its own thermostat and temperature controls. As a result, you never have to worry about using energy to cool your whole home at once. Instead, you can set the thermostat to cool each area to your preferred temperature, ensuring you never use more energy than necessary.

Whether you’re ready to schedule a ductless air conditioner installation or you want to learn more about these efficient systems, we’re at your service. Contact the ductless experts at Griffith Energy Services, Inc.: 888-474-3391.

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