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Too many items in life feel like a battle of comparisons: iPhone or Galaxy, Chevy or Ford, Marvel or DC. Not everything, however, needs to become a showdown. For example, many homeowners in Easton, Maryland, prefer one type of HVAC system over another, but this choice doesn’t necessarily make either one superior. Get informed about the differences between a heat pump and central air conditioning system, and you’ll have the tools to decide which is best for your home.

What Makes Each HVAC System Different?

The key to the differences between these two HVAC systems concerns how the systems use refrigerant. A central air conditioning system requires both a furnace and an air conditioner to maintain comfort during both cold and warm seasons. They need both because the air conditioner can pump refrigerant only in one direction.

A heat pump, however, can reverse the refrigerant flow. A heat pump can perform the function of both a furnace and an air conditioner by absorbing heat and bringing heat into the home during the winter and releasing it outside during the summer.

Which System Is Better for Your Easton Home?

We can’t say that one system is "better" than the other for your Easton home, since both systems fulfill their purposes well. You can, however, find the system that best meets your preferences. Many homeowners decide to opt for a heat pump because it provides more energy efficiency, which saves these homeowners money on their monthly utilities.

Other homeowners, however, prefer the central air conditioning system for its power. No matter what the temperature may be outside, a well-maintained central air conditioning system can maintain your thermostat setting. A heat pump will be able to maintain temperatures most of the time, but when temperatures dip especially low, as they occasionally do during an Easton winter on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, heat pumps sometimes struggle to maintain efficient comfort.

Both heat pumps and central air conditioning systems can provide the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. Once you’ve decided which HVAC system is best for your home, call our Griffith Energy Services team at 888-474-3391.

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