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Getting a new HVAC system is both an exciting and stressful process. You look forward to the improved comfort and energy efficiency, but you’re also concerned about the costs and making sure everything with the installation process goes smoothly. Fortunately, homeowners in Dover, Delaware, can take control of some of that process. Follow some simple steps to prepare your home for an HVAC system installation and you’ll streamline the process and relieve some stressful pressure.

Clean and Repair Ducts

Before having your new system installed, it can’t hurt to have your ducts professionally cleaned, and, if necessary, repaired. You don’t want to install a brand-new system only to have air leaks because of dilapidated ducts. While cleaning, our Griffith Energy Services technicians can often catch these issues. Repairing your ducts will also guarantee that your new system can efficiently keep you comfortable, which you’ll love during the warm Dover summer.

Clean Around Your Unit

Always keep the area around your HVAC system clean, since cleanliness plays a significant role in the efficiency of your system. Before our technicians arrive with your new unit, make sure that the area around the system is free of dust, dirt, and debris. The same goes for your outdoor compressor unit. Our service team members will also appreciate a clear path throughout your home to allow them to more easily get the unit into its place.

Check Your Order for Accuracy

Have you ever been handed your fast-food order, arrived home, and realized your order was completely wrong? You don’t want that situation to happen once you’ve already installed your new HVAC system. Once our technicians arrive, but before they install the system, review your order and guarantee that the unit they’re about to install is the one you wanted. Finally, on installation day, close the air vents throughout your Dover home.

Make your HVAC system installation process easier on yourself and our HVAC service techs by following some simple steps to prepare your home. If you’re considering replacing your old HVAC unit, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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