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Heat pumps may need to run frequently here in Berlin, MD, but they can typically last 10 or 15 years. If yours is reaching that number, you’ll want to start thinking about replacement. Poor performance and high energy bills are just two of many signs that a heat pump has passed the point beyond repair. If you’re trying to decide between a heat pump fix vs. replacement for your Berlin, MD home, read on to learn more.

Inefficiency After a Repair

It could be that you’ve put hundreds of dollars into repairs and the heat pump still acts up, giving the same short or excruciatingly long cycles, the same lukewarm air and so on. In that case, you have no way of moving forward except with a brand-new system that will improve its performance with every repair and tune-up.

Unusually High Bills

Your bill will naturally increase when you start to use the heat pump regularly in summer, but unless you drastically lower your set temperature, you shouldn’t see any fluctuation after that. Abnormally high monthly bills, together with low-quality cooling, point to a malfunctioning system.

High Humidity and Other IAQ Issues

When they operate as they should, heat pumps help you maintain reasonable humidity levels. That’s why poor indoor air quality can indicate a problem with your heat pump. Ask yourself if anyone with allergies or asthma has been suffering more than usual, if it feels stuffy inside or if you smell something like mildew coming from the vents.

Heat Pump Fix vs. Replacement: Finding a Top Contractor

If you’ve decided on a heat pump installation here in Berlin, contact Griffith Energy Services for a consultation and project estimate. Our company has been around since 1898, and we’ve consistently kept up with changes in the heating/cooling market; today, we offer reliable heat pumps from brands like Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier and Rheem. We boast BBB accreditation and an A+ rating, which reflects our commitment to professional work and warm, customized care.

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