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Asthma is serious business, and it’s scary to think that so many triggers in the home can contribute to a flare-up. Fortunately, for Cheverly, Maryland, homeowners, indoor air quality products added to an HVAC system can drastically reduce and control asthma symptoms, helping everyone breathe easier.

The Asthma-HVAC Connection

Asthma can be triggered indoors by dust mites, pet dander, fungi, pollen, and other unseen pollutants. Unfortunately, a poorly designed or improperly maintained HVAC system can carry these contaminants through the ductwork, making it difficult for an asthmatic individual to find any relief.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for bringing your HVAC system up to speed on allergen reduction. First of all, having it regularly serviced will reduce built-up pollutants inside the ductwork, preventing them from blowing back out through the vents and being breathed into the lungs. Second, there are numerous add-ons available that can improve your HVAC system’s allergen-trapping ability, which is essential when someone in the home suffers from the disease.

Upgrade Your HVAC to Fight Asthma

You’re probably familiar with HVAC filters and the role they play in trapping dust and other allergens. It’s essential to change these filters regularly, but in addition to that, there are other new technologies that take things even further.

UV light, for instance, is being used in whole-home air purifiers to clean the air inside your central HVAC system, eliminating odors and microbes at the system’s heart. A whole-home air purifier can also make your HVAC system last longer because it’s always clean and therefore never has to work as hard.

Whole-home dehumidifiers can also help alleviate asthma. Uncontrolled humidity can be quite detrimental to your home’s indoor air quality, resulting in everything from mold growth when levels are too high to dried nasal passages when they’re too low. Being able to control your home’s humidity is a great option to have when breathing problems already exist.

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