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Home heating oil tips reveal how to get the best performance and versatility from an oil-fired furnace or boiler. It’s not hard to preserve the efficiency of your system and apply the benefits of heating oil to other uses around your home.

Cleaning and Maintenance

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  • Have it professionally maintained annually. The HVAC professional will go through the entire system, cleaning all its parts and making adjustments as needed. A professionally maintained oil furnace or burner can reach 25 years or more. It will also operate more efficiently, which saves your energy dollars.
  • Run it with a clean oil filter and air filter. Your oil provider should change the oil filter each time the service delivers fuel. As a homeowner, checking the air filter monthly and changing it when it’s dirty keeps the precise amount of air blowing through the system, lowering energy consumption.
  • Start the summer season with a full tank if the tank sits above ground. It prevents water condensation that wreaks havoc with your heating system. Water in the tank creates sludge or bacterial growth that may plug the oil filter or the line. While many of the home heating oil tips deal with improving system efficiency, this one prevents oil tank corrosion that may prompt an expensive cleanup and tank replacement.

Extending Its Usefulness

If you plan to remodel or add a room, ask your contractor and HVAC provider to work together to evaluate your current system. You may be able to extend the system to heat the new space. Your HVAC contractor has the tools and expertise to advise the building contractor about its capacity to do so.

Investigate the other benefits of using fuel oil to heat your water heater, warm a swimming pool and hot tub, or even melt the snow from your sidewalks and driveway. Your HVAC contractor can show you what’s involved in extending your system to provide these conveniences.

Learn more home heating oil tips from the pros at Griffith Energy Services, or contact us today at 888-474-3391 to schedule an appointment for your Baltimore area home!

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