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It’s that time of month again — your energy bills have come and you wish they hadn’t. Despite your efforts to improve energy efficiency in your Baltimore, Maryland, home, something is still messing with your energy efficiency and it may be something you wouldn’t expect — your HVAC system size. If your Baltimore heating & AC system size isn’t built for the specific needs of your home, it may have become a threat to your energy efficiency.

Why Does Your Baltimore Heating & AC System Size Matter?

Why not buy a huge HVAC system and look forward to reliable heating and cooling all year long? Because it isn’t quite that simple. HVAC systems are designed keeping in mind something we call load requirements. These load requirements are determined by many factors in your home, from square footage and structural design to the amount and position of windows and doors. Each home’s unique load requirement calls for a different size of HVAC system. If you’re running a system that isn’t adequately sized for the load requirements of your home, you could be in trouble.

How Does HVAC Size Affect Energy Efficiency?

A system that’s too large for your load requirement will not deliver the constant, reliable comfort you’re looking for. In fact, an oversized system will meet the temperature setting on your thermostat so quickly that it will turn off while still in its start-up phase, resulting in something called short-cycling. Since that start-up phase draws the most energy, your system will strain despite its size and your utility bills will skyrocket from the inefficient energy use.

An HVAC system that’s smaller than your load requirements demand will do you no better. Instead of short-cycling, an undersized system will constantly strain to maintain comfort, but it will never get there. That strain will hike up your energy bill and cut the lifespan of your unit.

Are you the victim of an inefficiently-sized HVAC system? How could you know? Fortunately, our team performs detailed inspections and takes manual measurements of your living space, checking to see if your system’s size and your load requirement are in sync. To schedule your HVAC inspection, call Griffith Energy Services at 888-474-3391.

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